Sin City 2 On the Way (More Machete Too)

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Back when we attended SXSW in March, we had the pleasure of listening to filmmaker Robert Rodriguez talk about his experiences in bringing the Sin City graphic novels to the screen. We had hoped that he would give out some information about the long-rumored Sin City 2, but no dice.

That changed at Comic Con, however, as he announced that he's planning sequels to not only Sin City, but also cult hit Machete.

In all honesty, it's not really news that he was planning these, but it's good to hear him bring them back up. It signals that there might actually still be hope that they're moving forward. In fact, he is even reported to have said the script for Sin City 2 is being refined. He's been working on it with Sin City creator Frank Miller.

Rodriguez evidently discussed Sin City 2 in a Facebook live chat. ScreenRant reports:

One name that Rodriguez mentioned during the FB chat as a possible returning player forSin City 2 was that of Hartigan, Bruce Willis’ cop-with-a-bum-ticker. There were rumblings from Miller quite awhile back about how he had written a story for Sin City 2 that involved Nancy Callahan (Jessica Alba) dealing with the aftermath of the events that occurred in “That Yellow Bastard” – the Hartigan storyline in the Sin City movie – but, if Willis does return, that might not be the case after all.

At SXSW, Rodriguez reminisced about seeing the script for Sin City in the early 90s, and recalled saying, “Whoever does that is going to screw that up.” He said that he was always a big fan of the Sin City visual style, and that he always knew he would “follow the visual” if he made a Sin City movie.

Later, Rodriguez found himself working with digital photography and 3D technology, with Spy Kids 3D in particular. “Spy kids 3D is why you all have to wear 3D glasses at the movies these days,” he laughed.

He discussed meeting Miller at a bar to show him some test shoots of actors using green screen and visual effects created with Photoshop. Miller was “blown away,” he said.

“I made it very easy for him,” he says, noting that artists often don’t want to get involved in all of the Hollywood stuff.

He just used the source material as the script. “No one got a screenplay credit on it,” he added.

It's good to know that the two are working together again on the follow-up.

Rodriguez's Spy Kids 4 comes out in August.

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