New Startup Aims to Meet Career Needs

IT Management

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Although more and more businesses find value in social media, they are also finding challenges. For instance, many businesses struggle to keep their employees productive on social sites. Another challenge is the size of social networks. Sites such as Facebook and Twitter have experienced enormous growth, which can often be hard for businesses to leverage.

Incidentally, BranchOut is a new startup that hopes to provide a solution to these challenges. It is, essentially, a professional network within Facebook. BranchOut allows users to create connections with individuals at top companies, and it gives businesses the opportunity to professionally recruit, find leads, and more.

Rick Marini, BranchOut's founder and CEO, said, "It is truly your professional profile within Facebook."

Although BranchOut has been referred to as the LinkedIn for Facebook, Marini said that it is much more. As he explained, the startup offers a different experience since it brings a gaming feature as well as other "fun" features to the career market.

Up to this point, BranchOut has been focused on the consumer experience. However, Marini pointed out that the next phase of the startup would be geared toward enterprises and would include advanced capabilities.

"We're really going beyond the consumer experience and trying to build true business tools for people to, hopefully, be able to change their lives," he said.