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Some Think Google Should Go After eBay
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There is an interesting article at Seeking Alpha called "Why ‘GooBay’ Makes Sense." Obviously this is a "what if Google bought eBay?" piece, and feedback to the article thus far isn’t real keen on the idea, but there are some valid points throughout the article nevertheless.

StumbleUpon May Become Bigger Player
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StumbleUpon announced today that it will be rolling out a new design to make the service more accessible to new users. The biggest drawback has always been the fact that users had to install a toolbar to use the service, but with this new design, the need to do so has been eliminated.

ebay Looking to Unload StumbleUpon?
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StumbleUponTechCrunch is reporting eBay is trying to unload StumbleUpon, citing "sources with knowledge of the sale process." eBay is apparently using Deutsche Bank to find a suitable buyer, and the asking price has not been disclosed.

Banned To Unbanned At StumbleUpon
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ProBlogger enjoyed significant traffic from bookmarking site StumbleUpon, until the site declared ProBlogger unwelcome at its domain; thanks to social media, that changed fast.

StumbleUpon Records More Video Providers
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The StumbleVideos section of StumbleUpon gained in content with the addition of several new content partners.

Stumbling Towards More Conversions
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StumbleUpon has been around a while, and if you’re like 5 million others, you understand what an addictive, stimulus-response type network it really is. But like with other social networks such as Digg, Twitter, or Facebook, many marketers are still at a loss for how to make the most of it.

There’s Value In Stumbling
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Here’s an interesting question put forth by webmasters: What’s a link in StumbleUpon worth? Well, it’s nofollowed, which means not much in terms of link juice. But there may be an indirect value.

Part of that, of course, is branding. It’s good to be found in as many places as possible. But another value, as noted at SearchEngineRoundtable, is the chance that somebody stumbles upon your site and blogs about it. If so, you’ve just earned another endorsement and possibly a good link.

StumbleUpon, Flock Celebrate Earth Day

Popular content discovery network StumbleUpon and social web browser maker Flock promoted an ecologically aware message with their activities on Earth Day.

StumbleUpon & Discovery: It’s What’s For Dinner
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Long ago a little old lady asked, “Where’s the beef?” These days, Hollywood writers have a beef with the studios, and people turned to the web to discover entertainment in greater numbers.

How Stumbleupon’s Beating Google, Yahoo & MSN

Stumbleupon is one of may favorite social media sites, Not only can it drive traffic that matches or often exceeds that of Digg, stumbleupon users are much less critical/confrontation/judgmental than the typical Digg user.

StumbleUpon Releases SearchReviews

StumbleUpon has launched SearchReviews, a new feature that allows you to discover interesting content anywhere you search.

StumbleUpon Breaks Out SearchReviews Overlay
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Users of the popular web browsing discovery tool StumbleUpon can rate and review the results of searches with the new SearchReviews feature.

SMX Rewind

So much covered, seen and happened in just two days. From FaceBook to Wikipedia and everything about social media in between. Finally, we wind up and take a dekko at all that we and everyone else from the SEM community have covered:

SMX Social Media: Social Bookmarking

At the SMX Social Media Conference panelists spoke about tagging and social bookmarking.

Claiming Your StumbleUpon Blog through Technorati

Here’s an interesting tip that you probably haven’t thought of yet. In fact, this will increase the number of links to your StumbleUpon blog, and will automatically increase the “link juice” to every page that you add, review, or “Stumble” using the StumbleUpon service.

The Stumbleupon Algorithm

How does the Stumbleupon algorithm really work.? I have no idea, and I doubt anyone else really does know for sure, other than core programmers at Stumbleupon.

I do know one thing though, Tim is probably the person who has spent the most time studying Stumbleupon, analytically.

Whilst I really appreciate facts, where there are a lack of facts I appreciate discussions that at least try to create models based upon extensive research data

StumbleUpon Application Released for Facebook

Stumbleupon, a site that allows you to discover and share new web sites with others, has released an application for the Facebook platform.

StumbleUpon Launches Facebook App

StumbleUpon has released an application for social networking site Facebook. The StumbleUpon application links to the profiles of StumbleUpon and Facebook users.

Feed Optimization Tip: Don’t Forget FeedFlare

FeedBurner is the only service (that I know of) that will re-publish a blogs feed in order to get feed stats. Being such a great service, many users use it only to figure out how many readers their blogs have.

The Month of Acquisitions

There were numerous partnerships and acquisitions in the month of May, which included a lot of dollars changing hands. Let’s look at some of the major deals that went down this past month

StumbleUpon Stumbles Into eBay For $75 Million

The heavily-rumored acquisition of social sharing site StumbleUpon by eBay finally came to fruition, with eBay shelling out “an aggregate transaction value of approximately $75 million” for the site.