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Using StumbleUpon To Get Traffic [Infographic]
StumbleUpon is going through some major changes as a company. It recently went through some restructuring and is now once again owned by its co-founde...
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StumbleUpon No longer Has A CEO, Is Part Of Expa’s (Also 5by Is Shutting Down)
It would appear that StumbeUpon is no longer a company with a CEO. There hasn’t really been a lot of clarity around this in recent months, but t...
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What Is Going on At StumbleUpon?
Update: Ok, here’s what’s going on at StumbleUpon. Read this instead. I’ve written about StumbleUpon more often than probably anyone...
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StumbleUpon News Could Be Good News For Content Creators
What once was one of the biggest drivers of traffic to websites has been struggling a bit, but could be poised to make a significant comeback. In fact...
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StumbleUpon Reportedly Lays Off ‘Dozens’
StumbleUpon is reportedly reducing its staff from close to 100 employees to about 30. That is according to VentureBeat, which cites an anonymous sourc...
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StumbleUpon Tweak Encourages More Views For Websites
Back in September, we reported on a StumbleUpon change that flew somewhat under the radar (as StumbleUpon news often does for some reason, despite the...
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Popular Social Media Sites Lean On Email For User Engagement
Remember the days when it wasn’t uncommon to read an article speculating about whether or not social media would kill email? In fact, if you cou...
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Reddit Tries Out An Email Newsletter
Reddit just announced the launch of its first ever email newsletter. It’s called Upvoted Weekly, borrowing the name of its recently launched Upv...
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CEO Of StumbleUpon’s 5by Talks Business Accounts, Coming Features & More
Video discovery app 5by, acquired by StumbleUpon in 2013, has seen “tremendous growth” thanks to Google’s Chromecast streaming devic...
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As StumbleUpon Sends More Traffic, CEO Talks Content Submission
It was only four short years ago that StumbleUpon was the biggest driver of social media traffic to websites. Look at this chart from StatCounter we s...
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StumbleUpon Traffic Referrals Back On The Rise
Shareaholic has a new report out looking at social media traffic referrals from eight social networks in the last quarter. Out of those eight, only tw...
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How Email Is Helping StumbleUpon Drive Engagement
Despite the fact that it continues to be a major source of traffic for many websites, StumbleUpon continues to fly somewhat under the radar for a lot ...
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StumbleUpon Names Best Stumbles Of 2014
StumbleUpon often sends out emails to users alerting them of popular content it thinks they’ll be interested in. Now, the company has been sendi...
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StumbleUpon Announces New Content Program #StumbleBloggers
StumbleUpon announced the launch of a new content program called #StumbleBloggers, which it says will gather fresh pages and sites from bloggers and l...
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Facebook Referrals Still Looking Good, Not A Lot Of Good News For Other Social Networks
Shareaholic released its quarterly Social Media Traffic Report for the third quarter. Facebook is still sending way more referrals than any other soci...
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StumbleUpon Change Could Increase Your Pageviews
I was just minding my own business submitting an article to StumbleUpon, when I couldn’t help but notice an entirely new experience when I click...
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StumbleUpon Gets A New Android Experience, Adds Features
StumbleUpon launched an update for its Android app today, adding some new features like sharing via SMS, an Activity Center, and the ability to add co...
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Are You Still Getting Significant StumbleUpon Traffic?
StumbleUpon has been a major driver of web traffic for years, despite somehow flying almost completely under the radar in day to day media coverage an...
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Good News For Your Facebook Traffic
Changes to the Facebook News Feed made over recent months may have angered some brands and publishers. Such changes may have even pushed some to aband...
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StumbleUpon Referrals Up 13% From Last Year
Shareaholic just released its Q2 Social Media Traffic Report. Out of the eight top social networks (Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, StumbleUpon, Reddit,...
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