StumbleUpon Claims to Be #1 Social Media Traffic Source for U.S.

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StumbleUpon broke away from eBay a little over a year ago, and went back out on its own. The company has shared an interesting list of stats about StumbleUpon use since then.

"Since then, we've released the web bar as well as a new version of the flagship Mozilla add-on, our content syndication service, a Chrome extension that’s one of the top 20 third-party extensions out there, a revamped ads system and new look to our site, an iPad app, new badges, and much more," the company says.

The Numbers (as reported by StumbleUpon):

118% - the growth in active users since 2009.

#1 – StumbleUpon's rank among social media traffic sources in the US.

5.4 billion – recommendations we've delivered since April 2009. In March 2010 alone, we delivered over half a billion recommendations.

25– typical number of times a Stumbler stumbles per day.

400– average number of times a Mozilla add-on user stumbles per month.

Over 100,000– number of StumbleUpon fans on Facebook.

9,908,350 – the most recent tally of total registered users, a 30% growth rate since March 2009.

That #1 U.S. traffic source stat kind of sticks out doesn't it? A recent report from StatCounter found that it was the #2 traffic source on a global scale, behind Facebook, but over Twitter, YouTube, Reddit, Digg, and MySpace. It's actually StatCounter's data the company references for its #1 in the U.S. claim as well.


We've talked before about how StumbleUpon can get you big traffic and lots of links, featuring an interview with Internet Marketing consultant Brent Csutoras on the subject.

We've also seen complaints of high bounce rates from StumbleUpon traffic, but you have to figure, the very nature of StumbleUpon is to bounce, or "Stumble" to the next site, so that is kind of to be expected.

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