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StumbleUpon: We Wanted To Go In This Direction All Along StumbleUpon: We Wanted To Go In This Direction All Along
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Today, StumbleUpon unveiled a new feature that they call the “Explore Box.” Still technically in beta testing, the new feature allows users to search for specific topics to stumble, for example, Lady Gaga, William Faulkner, or Tequila. Until now, StumbleUpon …

StumbleUpon Explore Box Makes Randomness More Specific StumbleUpon Explore Box Makes Randomness More Specific

The merits of StumbleUpon are numerous – it’s a wonderful time-occupier and a great place to explore the far corners of the internet. Most of its appeal stems from the fact that it is a “discovery engine,” something related to …

Hungry Children Being Fed Thanks To StumbleUpon Users Hungry Children Being Fed Thanks To StumbleUpon Users

StumbleUpon is helping feed hungry Somalis at a refugee camp in Kenya. Martin Penner with the World Food Programme spoke in the following video, telling StumbleUpon users, “My colleagues at headquarters have told me that thanks to Stumblers like you, …

StumbleUpon: Don’t Get Thumbed Down StumbleUpon: Don’t Get Thumbed Down
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StumbleUpon is one of the more interesting services in the social media realm. While it has its social elements for sure, it is much more about the content. As a follower of the search industry, it’s particularly interesting to observe …

A New, Fun Way to Use StumbleUpon A New, Fun Way to Use StumbleUpon

StumbleUpon is testing a new feature called the “Explore Box”. “For any interest, type a word into the Explore Box, and we’ll pull out great stumbles for you that match that interest,” the company explained in an email. It could …

Using StumbleUpon To Drive Traffic to Your Website Using StumbleUpon To Drive Traffic to Your Website
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StumbleUpon can be a tremendous source of traffic for a site. The content has to be there, of course, but the nature of StumbleUpon enables that content to spread pretty quickly and pretty far. Is StumbleUpon one of the top …

StumbleUpon Launches New Paid Discovery Platform [SXSW]

During SXSW Interactive, StumbleUpon launched a new advertising platform called Paid Discovery. StumbleUpon says Paid Discovery delivers “an engaged target audience directly” to advertisers without clicking through ads or links. “100% engagement, 100% of the time.” There are three versions …

StumbleUpon to Expand to New Platforms – More Traffic for Everybody?
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StumbleUpon announced that it has raised a new $17 million series B round of funding, which the company will use to invest in the company’s discovery technology, expand to new platforms, and grow its employee base. The new funding comes …

StumbleUpon Tops Facebook In Social Media Traffic
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Analytics firm Statcounter said today that discovery engine StumbleUpon has surpassed Facebook as the top source for social media traffic in the U.S.

StumbleUpon had 43 percent of the U.S. social media traffic on January 1st, while Facebook trailed with 38 percent.

StumbleUpon Launches Discovery App For Android

StumbleUpon has introduced StumbleUpon App Discovery, a free beta feature of its Android app that suggests mobile apps based on users’ interests.

"Currently, discovering apps from the over 100,000 apps available in the Android Market is limited to keyword-based search features," said Garrett Camp, StumbleUpon CEO and co-founder.

"With StumbleUpon App Discovery, users can now find applications that are personally recommended to them and in many cases would previously have gone unnoticed."

StumbleUpon Starts Taking Video More Seriously

StumbleUpon has launched a new version of StumbleUpon Video aimed at personalized video discovery. The company says its recommendation system has been "fine-tuned" to better personalize the viewing experience. 

StumbleUpon Comes to the iPhone and Android
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StumbleUpon has finally released its mobile apps for the iPhone and Android.

"Think about all those times when your’e riding the bus, sitting at the airport gate, or waiting for friends, playing with the same mobile apps again and again," says StumbleUpon’s mobile apps team. "Now you can have the perfect boredom-buster: with StumbleUpon for the iPhone and Android, the best of the web is, literally, at your fingertips."

StumbleUpon’s Platform Getting Advertisers’ Attention
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Earlier this year, StumbleUpon launched its new advertising system, which it said helps cost-effectively deliver advertiser content to targeted audiences, while increasing the opportunity for content to go viral. Since then, the platform has experienced some pretty significant growth.

The company announced today that it has experienced 20% growth since the launch in March, with about 2,000 active monthly customers running about 3,000 campaigns daily.

StumbleUpon Reaches 10 Million Users
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StumbleUpon announced that it has reached a new milestone. It has acquired its 10 millionth user.

The company broke away from eBay a little over a year ago. After that, it released its "web bar" feature as well as a new version of its Firefox add-on, a Chrome extension (which last month StumbleUpon claimed was one of the top 20 third-party extensions), and its content syndication service Su.pr.

StumbleUpon Claims to Be #1 Social Media Traffic Source for U.S.
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StumbleUpon broke away from eBay a little over a year ago, and went back out on its own. The company has shared an interesting list of stats about StumbleUpon use since then.

Facebook And StumbleUpon Drive The Most Social Traffic To Websites
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Twitter generates nearly 10 percent of social media global hits to websites, according to new research from StatCounter.

The report found that Facebook is still the main source of traffic to global websites with almost half (48%) of social media hits followed by StumbleUpon with 25 percent.

StumbleUpon Launches New Advertising System
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StumbleUpon has launched a new advertising system, which the company says helps cost-effectively deliver advertiser content to targeted audiences, while increasing the opportunity for content to go viral.

Most Stumbled Sites Of 2009 Named

Today is, for better or for worse, the last day many people will have off before heading back to work or school and resuming normal life.  And if you have lots of stuff to do, good luck.  But if you’re a bit bored – maybe still stuck at a relative’s house or just out of books to read – here are some of the "Most Stumbled Sites of 2009."

StumbleUpon Integrating More Social Aspects Into Redesign

Earlier this month, StumbleUpon started showcasing their new homepage design, when they touted their “Google + Twitter” social search. Now they’ve gone through the rest of the site to make it more consistent (less customizable), easy to understand and streamlined.

StumbleUpon Goes Search with New Incarnation
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Update: Starting today, all StumbleUpon users can access the new interface, according to the company.

Original Article:
StubmleUpon launched a big redesign today. The new version of the site comes with a variety of new features, which the company says are designed to make it simpler, searchable, and more social.

StumbleUpon Makes Big Improvements to Toolbar
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A while back, StumbleUpon launched web stumbling, which allowed users to enjoy their StumbleUpon experience without having to download the toolbar, which was previously a requirement. If you’ve been a user of the service for a significant length of time, you’ve probably grown quite accustomed to that toolbar. Sometimes I forget it’s not just part of Firefox.