StumbleUpon Launches Facebook Timeline App


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StumbleUpon has launched a new Facebook Timeline app that integrates your two accounts in new, exciting ways. As with similar apps, the new app will automatically share what you like on StumbleUpon in addition to sites you submit, and new Stumblers and Channels you follow.

It's a slick, seamless shortcut between finding fun pages that you StumbleUpon and then want to share with your friends on Facebook. Instead of having to copy the link from one browser tab and paste it into the Facebook update box in another tab, the app will automatically publish your StumbleUpon activity into your Facebook feed. What's more is that the StumbleUpon app will aggregate all of your Stumbles into one group instead of displaying them one at a time. Ideally, you'll get a better portfolio that summarizes your friends' browsing interests.

As you can see, it's similar to how other apps automatically post updates to your Facebook account.

StumbleUpon Facebook Timeline App

Getting set up to cross-share your StumbleUpon interests with your Facebook account couldn't be easier to set up. Simply go to the Settings page of your StumbleUpon account and go to Connected Accounts.

StumbleUpon Facebook Timeline App

From here, you'll be able to connect your Facebook account (if it's not already) and find the Facebook part. Click on the link that says "Connect your account" and you'll be prompted with the typical request for permissions that you get whenever you add a Facebook app. After you agree, you'll now see a new message with a checked box next to it that reads, "Add my activities to Facebook Timeline."

StumbleUpon Facebook Timeline App

After that, you're off and Stumbling through Facebook!

Currently, the app is available for browsers except for Firefox, which StumbleUpon said will be available with the next version that's released of the app. Additionally, check out our follow-up for more details around the new app.