More Details On StumbleUpon's Facebook App [UPDATED]


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Yesterday, StumbleUpon launched a new app for Facebook Timeline that effortlessly integrates your accounts on the two sites. With the app installed on your Facebook account, anything you Stumble, like, or follow will automatically be published on your Facebook feed so as to share it immediately with your friends. For anybody that had any lingering questions regarding the details of the app, WPN spoke with StumbleUpon's Director of Communications, Mike Mayzel, to find out a little bit more about the launch.

One, you might be wondering why you need the app in the first place when you could already connect your accounts before. Mayzel tells us, "StumbleUpon users' friends will now be able to see the great content discovered on StumbleUpon as well as the interesting brands, sites and people they may not have heard of before. Users of the app will now be able to share content found on StumbleUpon with their friends more easily, without it being obtrusive or annoying."

Given that the StumbleUpon app will aggregate all of your activity into one group on Facebook, as opposed to publishing each action individually, your friends will likely appreciate the consolidation as well as be offered a more revealing portrait of what kind of content really blows your hair back on StumbleUpon.

Mayzel added, "It also creates a personal history of the things people discover. This history of discoveries, along with Interests, followers and Channels followed, will all be published to the Timeline in a streamlined, organized format."

For you Firefox users, which the Facebook Timeline app is not yet available, Mayzel assures that the update that will include Firefox integration will be arriving soon. "The new Facebook Timeline App works with the StumbleBar for Chrome and Safari. For IE and Firefox, the ability to share individual discoveries works with Facebook but the Timeline app is currently unavailable," Mayzel said. "We hope to have availability for both shortly."

And for you webmasters concerned about how the app will influence the analytics of your site, rest assured, you'll still be getting a clear report of where your sources of traffic are coming from. Mayzel said, "If a friend clicks on a link you've Stumbled on that's posted to Facebook the traffic will be credited to both StumbleUpon and Facebook."

One more thing: once you've linked your account to Facebook and have the app installed, your activity via StumbleUpon's mobile app will be reflected on your Facebook account.

There ya go. If more details are made available, we'll keep you posted on what you need to know about the new StumbleUpon app for Facebook.