Adds StumbleUpon To List Of Partner Sites

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Share this Post announced today via their company blog that they've added StumbleUpon to their list of partner websites and web apps. As explained in the post, the integration of StumbleUpon with "allows a user to highlight a word from anywhere (email, PDF, Internet, desktop) and with one click, get a recommendation from stumbleUpon (ie your new best friend) about that topic.", the internet-enabled clipboard that basically turns everything on your computer into a hyperlink, has previously integrated its service with Facebook, Google, Wikipedia, and Twitter. The StumbleUpon addition will function in a similar way: highlight some text, give it the old right click (or CTRL+C if your a keyboard shortcutter), and then choose the StumbleUpon icon in the list of apps that appears. After that, you're off and running Stumbling to websites related to whatever you highlighted.

In a statement provided to WebProNews, StumbleUpon remarked, "Through our recommendation and URL APIs, we're working with to deliver a unique and innovative approach for users to easily discover and share new and relevant content. We believe this is an interesting way to use our APIs to create a Stumbling experience and we're looking forward to more companies following's lead."

The inclusion of StumbleUpon should close the gap for anybody who wants to explore a topic from, say, an email you received about CERN. Instead of having to move over from your email to a web browser, will allow you to simply jump immediately to any CERN-related StumbleUpon content.

If you're still not a convert, have a look at how the service integrates with your Facebook account with the demonstration video below. While it's not exactly the same for how will work with StumbleUpon, it'll give you a solid idea of what kind of helpful shortcut offers.

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