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Facebook Offers: Facebook’s Advice For Successful Ones Facebook Offers: Facebook’s Advice For Successful Ones
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At a marketing event this past week, Facebook talked about a new “Offers” offering for brands. Offers let businesses and organizations share discounts with customers by posting offers to their Facebook Pages. Facebook describes them as coupons you don’t have …

Which Social Media Platform Should Small Businesses Use? Which Social Media Platform Should Small Businesses Use?
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You’re a small business and you don’t know which social media platform to use to successfully market yourselves. This handy infographic should help with that. Today’s infographic comes from Imbue Marketing and they want to help small businesses get the …

Facebook Sponsored Stories: Unavoidable For Brands? Facebook Sponsored Stories: Unavoidable For Brands?
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Facebook is going public soon. You already knew that I’m sure. You probably also know that Facebook makes most of its money from ads. Not all of it, but a very significant portion. If the company’s relationship with Zynga ever …

Facebook Users Click Ads Twice As Often As Twitter, Google+ Users [Report] Facebook Users Click Ads Twice As Often As Twitter, Google+ Users [Report]
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Update: As the study has generated some confusion, I’m going to repost the author’s explanation (which also appears in the comments) here: This study, which measures the CTR of different social network users, was conducted using a referrer based methodology. …

Ads Come To The Facebook News Feed Ads Come To The Facebook News Feed
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Last month, reports came out that Facebook would be launching sponsored stories in the news feed this month. Now, it appears that has happened. According to Inside Facebook, a spokesperson for the company said the feature is now live, though …

Fallout From Sponsored Athlete Tweets? Fallout From Sponsored Athlete Tweets?

Earlier this week, we discussed the New Orleans Saints and their sponsored tweets for NOLA.com. Essentially, the idea is to attract more Saints fans to the site, but some are wondering whether or not these kinds of tweets, especially for …

Meineke Gets Effective Twitter Marketing Meineke Gets Effective Twitter Marketing
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Currently, there’s a silly trend populating Twitter feeds everywhere, one that uses the #ItsOkayToCheatif hashtag. The tweets responding to the trend are primarily from bored kids who are trying to sound deep and compelling, or maybe even humorous. Ultimately, it’s …

When Is The Best Time To Post To Facebook? When Is The Best Time To Post To Facebook?
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It’s infographic day at WebProNews, and now that we’ve learned about Google’s war against spam in awesome graphic form, we now turn our attention to Facebook; specifically, when will that witty post you’ve been holding onto get the most Facebook …

The Voice: On The Cutting Edge of Social Media Engagement The Voice: On The Cutting Edge of Social Media Engagement
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For some, the argument can be made that NBC’s new hit The Voice is a little too much like American Idol to differentiate itself and remain a true primetime player. Sure, the rules are different. Contestants are broken down into …

Blending Paid Social with Organic Social Blending Paid Social with Organic Social
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Now that social media participation has become an integral aspect of the marketing mix, businesses are finding ways to increase the return on their social participation through paid amplification. The impact on SEO alone can make this an attractive place …

Report: Facebook Marketing Adopted by 70% of Local Businesses
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MerchantCircle, an online network of US local business owners, revealed in its quarterly reports that more local businesses are turning to Facebook and other social networking sites like Twitter, as a low-cost option for their marketing efforts.

Opportunity Clicks: Social Media and Converting Clicks Into Action
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Social Media is celebrated for its power to cultivate influential relationships and foster viral conversations. As consumer attention shifts away from traditional mediums and migrates to the golden triangle of mobile, PC, and next generation Web appliances, businesses are racing to engage in the hopes of capturing fleeting awareness and igniting affinity.

Twitter Profile “PageRank” and the Search Engines
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I’ve been writing about how Social Media links are impacting Search Engine results lately.  It’s really an area we have consciously tried to stay ahead on because we think that Social Media link sharing is going to have an even greater impact on search in the future.

The Era of the Interest Graph

Social media is maturing as are the people embracing its most engaging tools and networks. Perhaps most notably, is the maturation of relationships and how we are expanding our horizons when it comes to connecting to one another. What started as the social graph, the network of people we knew and connected to in social networks, is now spawning new branches that resemble how we interact in real life.

Get Up to Speed on Location-Based Service Adoption

Many are claiming this year as the year of "social mobile".  Even Facebook’s CTO announced that one of the primary objectives for Facebook this year is mobile, a statement that is backed with increased emphasis on its geolocation tool – Facebook Places.

Establishing A Sustainable Social Media Marketing Strategy
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For companies trying to make sense of social media and online marketing, it’s important to take a step back from all the “TwitFaceBlogTubeIn” mania for a second and look at the nature of how these things are going to work for the overall business.

Steps For Creating Custom Facebook Page Content
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A few months ago Facebook officially did away with the idea of adding “boxes” of custom content to Facebook pages and instead forced users into adding “applications” as the primary way to add custom layouts, tabs and content.

While this change is old news and has been covered widely, Facebook continues to tinker with the interface and so I’ve been getting lots of questions again about the steps involved in adding custom content and thought I would do a quick tutorial.

Social Media – A Unicorn or Just a Horse?

People say social media is unicorn, but it’s really just a horse.

Sure, social media empowers customers like nothing before it. And of course, social media creates a new level of real-time accountability for companies previously accustomed to asynchronous communication. These are the ways social media is different. But in other ways, it’s largely the same.

Let’s compare email marketing and social media.

Building a Better Twitter Following
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The concept of quality over size when it comes to an audience is nothing new, and frankly when it comes to social media, the sermon is getting a little tired. We’ve heard it plenty of times. 

However, Twitter has been sharing some interesting information on its media blog lately that really drives the point home, providing data to back up the notion that quality over quantity is important when building a healthy Twitter following. 

People Saying Social Media Unmeasurable Not Looking Hard Enough
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People who say social media isn’t measurable aren’t looking very hard.

The truth is that there are at least 25 viable metrics you can use to evaluate the success of your social media efforts. The challenge isn’t measurability, it’s knowing which measures are meaningful.

Here are the 6 critically undervalued social media success metrics.

Why Are So Many Marketers Dissatisfied With Social Media Results?
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Over the holidays, I had some time to really dive into the LinkedIn B2B LeadGen Roundtable discussions. One started by Ann Thornley-Brown, President & CEO, Executive Oasis International, Toronto, caught my attention.