HootSuite Announces Social Media Command Center Offerings


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HootSuite, the leading social media management platform used by companies to coordinate their marketing across multiple social networks, today announced it will now be offering Social Media Command Center services. According to HootSuite, the command centers are designed to centralize and control social media messages for organizations in a visually appealing way.

"Command centers are very visual," said Matt Switzer, VP of Partnerships at HootSuite. Switzer spoke with WebProNews about the company's new offering and the trend of command centers. He said that HootSuite's Social Media Command Center is the result of a six-plus month trend the company has observed of businesses implementing their own social media command centers. Switzer stated that more brands are moving away from campaign-based social marketing to managing things in-house.

At the center of the new offering are large-panel analytics displays that provides real-time updates on an organization's social media status and show social conversations taking place about a brand. According to Switzer, the displays will be able to pull in data from customer support systems, Salesforce, and other sources.

HootSuite is promoting the command centers as a place where businesses can "listen & monitor, publish & engage, and analyze & measure." Switzer said that HootSuite will provide a comprehensive command center solution, rather than just set up analytics displays.

"The uses for command centers is increasing," said Switzer

As for what sets HootSuite's command center offerings apart from others, Switzer said its solutions have a more broad, "holistic" approach to social media. He also stated that the command centers will provide more than just a place within an organization to engage with customers externally.

"We see our command centers as a way to engage employees as social advocates for the brand," said Switzer.

HootSuite's Social Media Command Center will be offered as a part of the company's enterprise subscription options. Command centers will be tailored to individual organizations. Pricing will be revealed in the coming weeks, though Switzer said prices will be based on current HootSuite enterprise pricing and command center display offerings will have separate pricing options.