Gaming Isn’t Entirely Antisocial, Shows Study

Gaming Isn’t Entirely Antisocial, Shows Study

By Sean Patterson March 31, 2014

For decades now parents across the world have been nagging children to put down the video games and get outside the house to socialize. With the advent of the internet and more social gaming, however, new research is showing that …

Angry Birds Facebook Gets New Social Tournaments Angry Birds Facebook Gets New Social Tournaments

A couple of weeks ago, Rovio launched the newest part of their social empire: A Facebook version of Angry Birds. Well they have now taken that one step further by making tournaments so you and all of your friends can …

Facebook Risks Losing Social Gaming Innovators Facebook Risks Losing Social Gaming Innovators
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Facebook is on the verge of a $100 billion IPO and it seems lately that more and more info is coming out about how they do business practices and how well their advertising actually works. Now we are getting reports …

Friendster Reinvents Itself with Social Gaming Friendster Reinvents Itself with Social Gaming

The long thought dead social media site “Friendster” is trying to reinvent it self as a social gaming platform. The old “IT” social media platform before Facebook, and before Myspace has decided that after it was no longer a player …

Zynga Acquires “Draw Something” Makers OMGPOP Zynga Acquires “Draw Something” Makers OMGPOP

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Earlier we reported that Zynga had made a deal to acquire OMGPOP, and now it is official. The social gaming giant behind such popular games as Words With Friends and Farmville has bought the makers off breakout hit “Draw Something” …

Zynga Wants You To Play On Their Turf Zynga Wants You To Play On Their Turf

If you’re tired of playing Zynga games on Facebook or smartphones, then the social game company has the perfect solution. Zynga announced today the launch of the creatively titled Zynga Platform, which will be a new social games portal for …

Why Are Social Games So Popular? Why Are Social Games So Popular?

I’m what you might call the old guard in gaming. I come from a time where games were only played by nerdy kids with titles like Mega Man and The Legend of Zelda. This whole social gaming craze caught the …

Zynga Defends Game Development Strategy Zynga Defends Game Development Strategy


As we reported last week, Zynga was accused of straight up stealing the ideas in Tiny Tower for their new game Dream Heights. Zynga CEO Mark Pincus wrote an internal memo defending their style of game development. That memo has …

Facebook: Zynga Accounts For 12 Percent Of Our Revenue Facebook: Zynga Accounts For 12 Percent Of Our Revenue

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Zynga is obviously important to Facebook, but we never knew how important until Facebook’s S-1 filing yesterday. In the document, it’s said that Zynga accounted for approximately 12 percent of Facebook’s revenue last year. Facebook made most of its money …

Facebook’s Top Games of 2011

Facebook has just released their top 10 list for games, and it contains some surprises as well as some expected results. Most striking is the absence of social gaming powerhouse Zynga from the top two spots on the list. Zynga …

Call of Duty Elite Down For Many Users, Problems Seem To Be Varied
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Call of Duty Elite, the social gaming network launched around Modern Warfare 3, hasn’t gotten off to the best start. The service, inundated by membership requests, has been unable to get itself fully operational since MW3 launched last Tuesday. Originally …

New Online Reality Network Provides Alternative to Hit TV Talent Shows
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Are you a reality TV fan? I’m not sure what it is, but I can’t help but get sucked into shows like American Idol, America’s Got Talent, and The Voice. There is a certain level of excitement that comes with reality television that is very different from a traditional television series.

Shaker Takes The Bar Scene To Facebook
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Do you like the idea of going to a bar, but hate actually going to a bar? A new Facebook app called Shaker might be the thing for you. Shaker, a startup out of Israel is grabbing a lot of …

Call of Duty Elite Hits Two Million Signups in Two Weeks

The giant upcoming social network for gamers called Call of Duty: Elite will officially kick off the same time as the upcoming COD installment Modern Warfare 3, November 8th. But the service wants feedback from players to help polish off …

Zynga Set To Release English Countryside Expansion Pack for FarmVille
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Zynga has announced an expansion pack to it’s wildly successful FarmVille game, in hopes to lure back some users. The social gaming company is set to unleash FarmVille English Countryside sometime over the next few weeks. If all goes as …

SocialDeck Announces Acquisition by Google
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Google continues its pattern of social gaming-related acquisitions with the acquisition of SocialDeck. Inside Social Games has discovered a letter posted to SocialDeck’s website, announcing the acquisition. The letter says:

MTV Gets Into Social Gaming
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MTV Networks said today it has purchased Social Express, a social gaming development company.

The move by MTV marks its first entry in the social gaming space, the company said it will develop social games based on original IP (intellectual property) as well as shows and characters from Nickelodeon and its other brands, with the first game to launch in the third quarter.  MTV will also use Social Express to launch a publishing platform for independent game developers.