SimCity Social Officially Launches On Facebook


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The world of social gaming just added a behemoth to its ranks. This behemoth has a very familiar feel to it and a name that carries a ton of weight. SimCity Social is finally out and available to play on Facebook! The simulation stays on the straight and narrow as far as SimCity goes and a lot of people will find it very familiar. The big difference is that as of this time you do not have to worry about electricity or water or taxes.

“SimCity Social will entice a new generation of urban planners with its easy-to-use tools that allow anyone to expand and grow their own unique sprawling metropolises and watch as it comes to life in fun and unexpected ways,” said Jami Laes, Vice President of Global Studios for Playfish. “SimCity Social is about playing with your friends. Whether you do that with kindness by helping put out a fire or through mischievous acts like helping a criminal escape, the decisions you make with your friends will determine how the story of your cities plays out.”

The game could be seen as a lead in for the newly announced SimCity for the PC which is set to launch in February of 2013. The best part for EA is that over 750,000 fans have already joined in, which means that no one has forgotten their love for one of the greatest sim games ever invented.

While SimCity Social is very cool, and a really fun game to play, it falls into the trap that other Facebook games fall into. Unless you have a ton of friends playing or are willing to add a ton of strangers, you cannot progress very far into the game. If you do decide to add a ton of strangers, then your wall is constantly spammed with SimCity Social posts that get real annoying real fast. This is the problem with these games in the first place. It is almost as if Facebook needs to figure out a way to get around this so people will actually play.

Here is a pretty funny trailer for the game: