Sim City Social Aiming Directly For Zynga In New Video

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The social gaming world is getting more and more cut throat as the days go by. There is no better example of this than this new video from EA titled "More City Less 'Ville." This is an obvious shot at Zynga and their seemingly hundreds of 'ville games like Farmville and Cityville.

This video has a catchy tune and even features a bleeped out swear word which is one of my favorites. It obviously pokes fun at Farmville the most.

The biggest thing this video does is to show some of the functions that the game will feature and it seems to be a pretty good facsimile of Sim City. The game obviously has a social part to it, but I really hope this game bucks the trend of having to post crap on your wall to get people to send you stuff. I can't stand games like that and have lost more than one Facebook friend in the past because of it. It's like most social game developers do not care that your friends don't want to see that you need wood to build a new house in Frontierville.

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