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Black Friday 2013: Retailers Offer Early Deals

Black Friday 2013 is just three weeks away, and retailers are unveiling deals. This year, many are starting their big sales a little before the day itself, which happens to fall on November 29. Why the rush? There are six less shopping days between Thanksgiving and Christmas this year. It’s just the way the calendar falls, but when it happens, …

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Walmart Glitch in Computer Causes Bargains

For the second time in the past month, Walmart faces another glitch in the system issue. The first problem occurred about three months ago when certain people’s food stamp cards had their spending limit lifted, accidentally, due to the glitch. As people began to arrive to obtain as many groceries as possible with their cards, the police were called to …

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Walmart Glitch Meant Temporary Great Deals For Lucky Shoppers

The superpower that is Wal-Mart is famous because of its incredibly low prices, but even the most loyal of wally world’s customers must have been shocked when they saw the unbelievable deals that occurred on the store’s website early this morning, which priced electronics and other goods, usually worth up to $600, for under $9. And unbelievable, it was; the …

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How Did Everybody Miss Kmart’s Mistlefinger Ad?

Kmart won the Internet in April with a new ad campaign that focused on one phrase, “Ship my pants.” It blew up overnight and became a viral sensation. The store did it again a month later with “Big Gas Savings.” Now it’s latest ad is out, and it unfortunately went ignored. To advertise the start of the holiday shopping season …

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Google Says Its New Mobile PLA Style Will Drive More Traffic To Retailers

Google announced that it is changing the way the mobile PLA (product listing ads) ad unit looks on The update is designed to help shoppers browse and discover merchandise more easily while using their mobile device. “People are increasingly turning to their mobile devices as shopping assistants at home, in stores, and on the go, and constant connectivity is …

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Google Expands BufferBox Throughout San Francisco

Google announced on Monday that it is expanding its BufferBox pilot in San Francisco. BufferBox is a locker service, which has already been available in Toronto. Google acquired it last November, and eventually started testing the service in the San Francisco area. Here’s one at Coffee Bar, which co-founder Mike McCauley shared in April: First @bufferbox pickup in SF! BOOM!! …

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Women Will Share Personal Info For a Price

While, on one hand, our nation is in the middle of a great debate over privacy and what gets seen by whom, on the other hand, retailers are trying to find more ways to get people to give up their personal details, voluntarily if possible. One possibility explored is to track a person’s location via WiFi signals on their smartphones. …

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Google BigQuery Helps Show How Weather Influences Shopping

Interactions, a marketing firm for supermarket chains and big box stores, announced some interesting findings based on analysis with Google’s BigQuery and Tableau, measuring the effects of major weather events on sales. “This case study is just the first analysis in an ongoing relationship between Interactions, Google and Tableau to provide retailers and CPGS with data management solutions and insightful …

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Target Dress: Apology Issued For “Manatee” Size Tag

Though a majority of Americans are now overweight and are predicted to get larger in the coming years, those who are overweight still have to contend with body image issues on a daily basis. While the magazine section at the grocery store is well-known to be a place where body issues will be confronted, a department store is generally not …

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Bing Just Launched A New iPhone App Called Edibly

Bing announced today that it is launching a new iPhone app called Edibly in the U.S., though technically, you have to be in Seattle to use it (at least for now). It’s a shopping app upon which Microsoft has collaborated with The Pike Place Market Preservation And Development Authority. It’s piloting the offering in Seattle, but perhaps it will be …

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8thBridge CEO on New Tool for Social Shopping

Back in 2009, 8thBridge was the first company to enable “f-commerce” through the launch of the 1-800-Flowers Facebook store. There was a lot of excitement as many other brands came on board with their own Facebook storefront, but, unfortunately, the concept has yet to really take off.

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Privacy Matters Not When It Comes To Getting A Good Deal [Infographic]

With all the CISPA debate going on with a vote expected to go down this week, privacy is becoming the hot ticket item again. In a piece I penned earlier today, I argued that people who complain about CISPA’s lack of privacy protections are already giving away all of their personal data via social networking anyway. It’s obviously not true …

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Shoppers Use Social Media In Store

Underscoring soaring consumer interest in use of internet and social media such as Facebook and Twitter to aid in shopping, a new national survey by Leo J. Shapiro and Associates (LJS) found that two-thirds of owners use their smart phone to aid in their shopping, and over a third do so while actually inside traditional retail stores. While at the …

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Smartphones Becoming A Major Shopping Accessory

Smartphone owners are becoming increasingly dependent on their phones to help them shop, according to a recent report from Nielsen. Nearly a third (29%) of smartphone owners use their phones while they shop. What’s more, many want the option to use their phone to pay for their merchandise. The most popular activity for shoppers using their smartphone is price comparison. …

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Mobile Devices Influencing Consumer Purchases

According to the Google Mobile Ads Blog, in a 2011 study conducted in tandem with Ipsos, consumers are using mobile devices more and more, to help command the points of purchase while shopping online or in-store. During the holiday shopping season, 41% of consumers made purchases directly on their smartphones, 46% noted that they picked out their item on their …

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Young People Would Rather Shop In Stores Than Online

The youth of today might not be able to so much as get out into the shower or start cooking microwave popcorn without having a smartphone or iPod attached to their face, but when it comes to shopping? They’re still got that old-fashioned streak of doing their shopping in brick and mortar stores. The idea that young people use technology …

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Survey Finds Negative Reviews Influence 80% of Buyers

Marketing and PR agency Cone Communications has released the results of their 2011 Online Influence Trend Tracker (PDF). The survey looked at consumer buying behavior in 2011 and compared it to data from 2010. Overall, the survey found that consumers are increasingly turning to the internet for information to help make their buying decisions, and that they increasingly regard said …

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Tech-Savvy Shoppers Turn to Apps to Save on Holiday Shopping

PriceGrabber published the results of a holiday shopping survey today. The company surveyed 3,574 online shoppers in late October about their holiday shopping plans. Of those who responded, 35% did not own a smartphone, while 26% owned smartphones but did not have shopping apps on them. The remaining 39% have smartphones with shopping apps already installed. Of all those who …

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Black Friday, Cyber Monday & Moustaches

Today’s infographic is all about shopping and moustaches. That includes Black Friday Cybermonday and Movember. View more daily infographic round-ups here. Black Friday and Cyber Monday hacks and scams: by NowSourcing Shopping cart abandonment: Moustaches: Sortable The Hairy Truth About The Moustache. Go to and make a donation today.

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5 Essential iPhone Apps for Black Friday

Black Friday is almost upon us. Widely recognized as the busiest shopping day of the year, it’s the day when shoppers brave the crowds and the cold to save a few bucks on Christmas gifts. Sure it may be called “Black Friday” but this year some sales are actually starting on Thanksgiving Day. For instance, the Black Friday sale at …

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Black Friday, Cyber Monday Deals Announced By LivingSocial

LivingSocial wants to extend the biggest holiday shopping day of the year into the biggest daily deals period of the year, as they have announced a string of new deals set to begin early Friday morning. Beginning at 5am, LivingSocial will begin the Black Friday deals, and from there will continue into Saturday, Sunday and into Cyber Monday. There will …

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Choosing A Tablet For The Holidays

Prepare yourself – the holiday shopping season is upon us. While Black Friday, the deal-packed day following the Thanksgiving holiday, is the unofficial kickoff, folks are already thinking about what they’re asking for and what they’re going to buy their loved ones this holiday season. Why not a tablet? Recent studies suggest that everyone is tablet crazy these days, and …

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Black Friday Shopping: iPad, Other Tablets Could Dominate

The craziest shopping period of the year is rapidly approaching, as retail outlets are beginning to unveil some of their Black Friday deals. According to multiple reports, this year’s buying frenzy might be all about tablets. At least that’s where people will be looking closely for deals. Although it’s probably not the group of devices most likely to see huge …

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Payvment Opens Social Shopping Mall On Facebook

Social ecommerce platform Payvment has launched the first-ever shopping mall on Facebook.

Payvment says its “Shopping Mall” on Facebook offers over one million searchable products and includes a directory of ecommerce stores, from celebrity brands to local merchants.




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Ask Breaks Down Popular Holiday Gifts Based on Questions Asked

As Christmas approaches, Ask is sharing some info about the hottest gift items this season, based on users of its Q&A service. 

According to Ask’s findings, in the gaming category, Xbox is at the top of the list, with over 5% of all questions being related to the console. According to the company, gamers asked nearly five times more questions about the Xbox than the Sony Playstation. Nintendo’s Wii was somewhere in between. 

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Bing Shopping Gets Improved Product Category Navigation

Bing has made added some enhancements to Bing Shopping with the goal of making it easier for people to browse merchandise by category and sub-category, or as Bing describes it, by "browsing visual aisles like you would in the real-world". 

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Facebook Proving to Be an Excellent E-Commerce Tool For the Holidays

If you had any question about whether or not Facebook can be effective for e-commerce, you might be interested in new data the company has shared with us regarding the time period from Black Friday through Cyber Monday. 

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Bing Adds Facebook Integration to Shopping Search Results

Bing has added Facebook integration to Bing Shopping in the form of shopping lists. Users can select items they are thinking about buying, add them to a list, and post that list to their Facebook Wall from Bing, and ask their friends what they should buy. 

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Blekko: Search and Shop Safely This Holiday Season

Community-driven search engine Blekko has been in the news a lot since its launch, and today it announced a way for users to do their holiday shopping without having to worry about shopping on an untrustworthy site. 

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Mobile Users Are Using Their Devices in Your Store. Are You Taking Advantage?

9 out of 10 mobile Internet users have accessed the mobile web while at a store, according to a new study from Yahoo and Nielsen. Furthermore, 51% of those users indicate that they make a purchase after doing research on their mobile device. 

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Online Retail Spending reached $32 Billion In Q3

Online retail spending reached $32.1 billion in the third quarter, up nine percent over the third quarter of 2009, according to a new report from comScore.

The growth rate represents the fourth consecutive quarter of positive year-over-year growth after a year of flat or negative growth rates.

Read More Launches Answers Service

Online coupon site has launched Answers, a new service that allows users to ask shopping related questions and receive answers from others in real time.

To try Answers service, users ask a question about a product or a service they want to purchase. The service relies on the community, who respond with answers and related coupons. Users are emailed with each new response to their question, and conversations are indexed so other shoppers can access the information.


Read More Says It Has Overtaken Yahoo in Comparison Shopping Visits

Shopping search site TheFind announced today that it has overtaken Yahoo Shopping as the #2 site in the category (comparison shopping engines), citing comScore‘s numbers.

TheFind also says it has grown by 175% year-over-year according to ChannelAdvisor.

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Users Who Spend More Time On Facebook, Spend More Money Online

According to the latest report by eMarketer, on Facebook, the visitors who spend the most time on the site also spend the most dollars on online shopping, with an average of $67 in spending for the top 20% of visitors. Users who don’t use Facebook at all spent an average of only $27 during this time. Twitter users were a litte bit different in that the higher spend came from medium activity users.

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More Shoppers Going Online To Find Food Deals

Consumers, looking for deals and discounts on food purchases, are increasingly turning to online tools to save money on groceries, according to Deloitte’s "2010 Consumer Food Safety Survey."

The survey found 33 percent of respondents subscribed to receive emails/recipes/coupons directly from food manufacturers/companies, a six percent increase from 2008.

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