Gap Hourly Wage Raise In Store For US Employees

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Gap is a pretty hip and progressive retailer, and perhaps that is what makes it so popular with young people and new families. The company is known for doing good via charities and outreach programs, the most recent example being the P.A.C.E. program, which aims to bring education, training, and recognition to female garment workers. Gap has no problem with using its retail power for progressive good, and has opted to do so once more, this time with a focus on the US.

Recent arguments and debates about the minimum wage in the United States have gained massive visibility, with examples ranging from president Obama's proposed legislation to raise the minimum wage to worker's demonstrations and strikes in demand for a "living wage." Gap has decided to stake its own claim in the midst of this discussion, by promising to raise the minimum wage for its workers to $9 an hour in 2014, and $10 an hour by 2015.

Gap announced its intentions through both its official Twitter and Facebook, using the tagline and "mantra of their founder," "Do more than sell clothes."

Post by Gap.

The move is a bold one that definitely makes a statement, and has garnered a lot of attention across social media. Most notably, the White House official Twitter tweeted a quote from President Obama that congratulated Gap for raising the wages for its employees, which the Gap Twitter graciously responded to.

This is an important milestone in the fight for a living wage for workers, and is hopefully the first of many instances of large retailers taking steps to provide a substantial, appropriate income for its workers.

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