School Supply List: Money Saving Tips

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It’s true that school supplies are getting more expensive, but that doesn’t mean parents have to take it lying down.

If you have a nose for a bargain, there are ways to avoid breaking the bank when it comes to getting your kids ready to go back to school.

School Shop Early

If you are reading this article because it just now occurred to you that you might want to start shopping for back-to-school supplies, then PLEASE keep this advice in mind for next year: Start early!

You will actually come out better if you start buying school supplies well before school lets out. Stock up as soon as possible and you'll feel far less strained as school time approaches.

Have A Plan

Don’t just leave the house with money in hand and have NO IDEA what you need to buy until you arrive at the store! This will practically guarantee that you overspend on school supplies.

Even if you have multiple children, all supplies can be compiled into ONE shopping list. It may be best to color code the list for items specific to one child while writing down general supplies needed by all children the same color.

Keep to the list rather than buying things at random.This way you will only spend what you plan to spend.

Sales And Coupons Are Your Friends

There is no reason to pay full price for school supplies of any kind if you don’t have to. During this time of year, school supplies are on sale practically everywhere.

Cut out coupons and know codes by heart. That way whether you’re shopping in stores or scouring the web, you can be sure to save as much money as possible.

If you have more than one child (and even if you don’t) the “buy one, get one” option is your friend. So try and be on the lookout for any deal that lets you get nab more than one school supply item at a time.

Talk To The Teachers

Some parents spend so much because they convince themselves they are shopping for an entire school year...when really this is what kids need TO START the year off. If you aren’t sure about what your kids need for class, contact their teachers.

Ask what supplies the kids MUST have when they enter school versus what the teacher would like them to have, but isn’t exactly a necessity.

What Money Saving Tips Help You Save Money On School Supplies? Share Your Tips Below!

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