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Why Sex Sells, Online or Off
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Sometimes you have to be careful not to too broadly apply the results of a study. In this case, I’m not sure if I can help it. Just call me out (as you often do) in the comments if you think I’ve done so. Two recent studies showed a strong correlation between sex hormones and monetary risks.

And that kind of explains everything. Like…

Valleywag Salaciousness A Real Money Shot
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A simple formula pays off at the Valleywag corner of the Gawker Media empire: take a mostly male audience in a notoriously sexually frustrated profession, add a dirty-talking scribe, and watch the page views roll on in.

Study: Sex At Work Makes Work Better
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Don’t let those stiffs from HR tell you office romances are bad for business. No, you just point them right to this Sun article that says as long as you’re not sued for harassment (I’m talking to you, creepy, who’s going to follow this advice right into a cardboard box and a security escort), sex with coworkers actually results in raised energy levels, better professional capacity, and higher productivity.

Sexy Micro-blogging Ensures Twitter Success
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Perhaps it was an eventuality. All roads used to lead to Rome; now all superhighways lead to a crotch-shot. But this development is at least a testament to the power of the Twitter concept: the cybersex crowd has taken it up.

If a message on Twitter is called a "tweet," is a message on boobik called a "tw…" –never mind.

Microsoft Silences Santa Sex Talk

Microsoft has had to remove its Santa bot after it was discovered to be using inappropriate language with users.

PR will lose Social Media to Advertising Due to Sex

Okay, not necessarily sex – but advertising does know how to make mundane things sexy.

Facebook Subpoenaed Over Sex Offenders

At first glance, this looks bad: New Jersey Attorney General Anne Milgram has subpoenaed Facebook and asked that the social network identify registered sex offenders who have become members.  Depending on what happens, “bad” could become an understatement.

Web Surfing Beats Sex And Friendship
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A survey by ad agency JWT found many people prefer to click their way to happiness on the Internet rather than seek the company of friends or lovers.

To Catch A Wiki-Predator
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A flame war has ensued between the operators of PervertedJustice.com, online arm of Dateline NBC’s "To Catch A Predator," and Wikipedia. When Wikipedia users clicked on the Perverted Justice link included with articles about pedophilia, they were redirected to a welcome page naming Wikipedia as a "corporate sex offender."

29,000 Sex Offenders Found On MySpace
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The social networking site culled some 29,000 profiles from its userbase after finding they had been created by registered sex offenders.

Virtual Sex Bed Caper Leads To Avatar Lawsuit

Just try to read this without feeling like you’re sitting in the back of the classroom, snickering with your buddies at the slightest hint of double entendre – you know, she said jacket, heh heh.


Pfffft! Teens Choose Mobiles Over Sex?
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This is a British study, which may be why the Register’s headline "Teenagers prefer mobiles to sex" made me spit coffee all over my monitor. Either times have really REALLY changed, or that’s a somewhat geocentric result.

Anime Sex Popular At Wikipedia
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Perhaps all the time that little Johnny has spent watching Ranma 1/2 has sparked his dual interests in certain Wikipedia topics.

Is This iPerv Week or What?

I didn’t torture myself to investigate as to whether there was a season for weird Internet sex stories in the press, but as for 2007, iPerv Week is May 21-25.

Barbie Cummings Gets Cop In Trouble
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This story reads like the plot line of the type of film the main subject is known to perform in (not known by me, mind you, it’s the first I’ve heard of her). But here goes anyway: Cop pulls over porn star; porn star "talks" him out of citing her; porn star posts pics of the "conversation" on her blog; cop is in deep, deep trouble.

MySpace To Send Sex Offender Info To Cops

MySpace will be feeding information on sexual predators using the social networking site to all 50 states’ Attorneys General. 

Social Sites & Age Verification

There’s a constant drumbeat of pressure on social networking sites like MySpace to implement measures to reduce the possibility of children being targeted by those who might do them harm. Recently, news broke that thousands of registered sex offenders apparently had MySpace profiles.

Web Operates At 28,000 Pervs-Per-Second
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The US might consume 40% of the world’s oil, but also provides almost 90% of the world’s Internet porn. A fair trade? Well, let’s not get into that debate.

New York Times Third Best At “Sex”?

If you were, by some chance, to search for “sex” on Google, what sort of sites would you expect to see?  Perhaps we shouldn’t give explicit examples, but a lot of users were surprised when internal archive search results from the New York Times ranked just behind Wikipedia and Salon.

No Thank You Sex, We’re Networking
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When it comes to surfing the Internet, sex is getting licked by social networking and the ability to connect with people based on more than just hormonal urges.

YouTube And The Brazilian Sex Video
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YouTube cannot seem to stay away from controversy. From being sued and threatened both domestically and globally over copyright issues to the latest scandal south of the border. This new trouble involves a video of a Brazilian model and her boyfriend “befriending” one another on a beach and in the water.