Android Users Apt To Have Sex After First Date, Leave It At That

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After yesterday's shocking news that Android users are more apt to take their phones into the bathroom, it appears that the depravity and debauchery just never ends for those crazy Android kooks.

A survey carried out by dating site has revealed that if you're looking to find an easy score, make sure your date's carrying an Android OS device.

The study breaks the dating crowd into categories based on their types of phones - Android, iPhone, and BlackBerry. Each subset seems to have their own proclivities.

First the Android users. If you're looking to hook up and leave it at that, Android users are your best bet. 62% of Droiders say that they have gone all the way after just one date. Only 57% of iPhone users and 48% of Blackberry users admitted to that. Moreover, Android users are more likely to either not call you or ignore your call the next day - 55% said that they've had a one night stand.

iPhone users apparently like to keep their conquests close. Almost 25% of iPhone users reported having an office fling in the last five years. iPhone users are also the most anxious (read desperate) to make contact after a date - they only averaged a one-day wait to contact the other person after a first date. Both Android and BlackBerry users waited 2-3 days.

Finally, BlackBerry users are going to booze it up. 72% say they will drink alcohol on their first date, a figure which leads the pack. In a possibly relevant stat, BlackBerry users were also the most likely to say they've fallen in love at first sight. It makes one think, however: If BlackBerry users are the drunkest, you'd think that their one night stand totals would be the highest. Maybe one stat that wasn't reported was that BlackBerry users have the tendency to lie about their sexual exploits.

As far as Android users being the sluts of the smartphone world, Digital Life points out that an older survey conducted by OKCupid actually pegged iPhone users as having the most sexual partners by age 30 (11). Android users only averaged 6 partners.

Junk science? Probably. But I bet that you'll have this in mind when you notice what kind of phone your blind date is fiddling with across the table.

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