Twitter Or Facebook: Who Has Sexier (And More Sexed) Users?

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Your preferred social media site may indicate whether or not you got some sexy results for Valentine's Day yesterday, according to a new survey from Euro RSCG. The poll, which the digital agency conducts every year, found that Twitter brings the people looking for exciting adventures in sex and romance; or, rather, those Indiana Joneses of promiscuity tend to gravitate towards Twitter more than Facebook. However you look at it, though, one thing's certain: Twitter's got more flesh than a Greek fest.

Some random highlights:

  • 40% of daily Twitter users described themselves as "sexy," whereas as only 28% of daily Facebook users said the same.
  • 21% of Twitterers "worry that their sexual fantasies and behaviors aren't normal;" only 14% of Facebookers feel the same.
  • Tweeters have sex more often than Facebook users (55% vs. 46%)
  • More people on Twitter would choose sex over love.
  • Why Twitter has become a den of depravity is beyond me, but why ask why when you can do the do. Right? If you wanna see what Twitterers are saying about the big reveal that they're a bunch of budding sex machines, follow the trend #DigitalLove to see what people are saying.

    Find more scintillating results from the survey below in the inforgraphic that Euro RSCG put together.

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