QR Code Condoms Let You 'Check In' To Your Sexual Playgrounds

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Remember the I Just Made Love mobile app that helped the horizontally-inclined iPhone and Android users of the world broadcast their sexual adventures to the world? That's so 2011. This year's model not only lets you announce your erotic exploits to the world, but comes packaged with a QR code to save you time and let you get back to more pressing matters.

The ingenius combination of sex and social media comes by way of Planned Parenthood of the Northwest, who, as part of a promotion for safe sex around college campuses, handed out 55,000 condoms with QR codes printed on the wrappers. By scanning the code, the just-sexed will be prompted to enter a few details (if they want) about their sexual encounter, which will then be posted to WhereDidYouWearIt.com.

The website is playful enough and makes a point to explain that all user information (aside from the details of those down and dirty dalliances) is kept anonymous. Once the information is entered, a pin is created on an interactive Google Map that announces not just where people hooked up, but a little something about the encounter:

As Planned Parenthood describes it, they just wanted to get the point across that safe sex happens to the world and people shouldn't be shy about it. "You should be proud to wear protection," according to post on their website. The statement continues, explaining that the social media aspect is meant to lessen any kind of embarrassment with talking about sex while making the practice of safe sex more fun for those doing it (although as far as that effort goes, one might have better luck re-inventing the wheel).

It's a pretty ingenious way to engage the gadget-friendly tendencies of college students while encouraging them into practicing safe sex at the same time (more iPads, less pregnancy scares, right?). More than that, WhereDidYouWearIt.com offers tidbits of sex ed such as why people should use condoms and where people can replenish their condom supply.

If the goal was to get people talking more openly about making with the safe sex, I think we can confidently put a check in the Success column for Planned Parenthood.