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Seattle Seahawks VS San Francisco 49ers Delayed

Lightning crashes and a football game is delayed. Fans eager to watch the game between the Seattle Seahawks and the San Francisco 49ers at CenturyLink Field in Seattle, Washington, were disappointed to experience a longer delay than expected. Within the …

Molly Conley Shooting Suspect Arrested

Police have arrested a suspect in the shooting of Molly Conley, the 15-year-old Lake Seattle, Washington girl who was shot and killed back in March. Conley was shot in the neck during what appears to have been a random drive-by …

Seattle To Get Gigabit Internet For $80 A Month Seattle To Get Gigabit Internet For $80 A Month

Google Fiber is still something that most of America is waiting for as incumbent ISPs are kicking and dragging their feet into the world of faster wired broadband. There are exceptions, however, and Gigabit Squared is bringing one of those …

Seahawks QB Arrested For DUI on May 5

The Seattle Times reported this week that Seattle Seahawks backup quarterback Josh Portis was arrested on May 5 for suspicion of DUI. The NFL player was reportedly stopped on the evening of Cinco de Mayo for speeding. The state patrol …

Tower Climber Falls, Dies in Seattle
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A man climbing a power tower in Seattle has died, but not for lack of climbing ability. According to an Associated Press report, the man was climbing a 200-foot power tower when he touched a high-voltage power line and was …

Steve Ballmer May Be Bringing the NBA Back to Seattle Steve Ballmer May Be Bringing the NBA Back to Seattle

Is Steve Ballmer about to bring the Sonics back to Seattle? Yahoo Sports is reporting that a group led by Microsoft’s Ballmer and hedge-fund manager Chris Hansen is in the process of finalizing a deal with the Maloof family – …

Seattle Gets Fiber Internet Thanks To Gigabit Squared Seattle Gets Fiber Internet Thanks To Gigabit Squared

Before there was Google Fiber, the city of Chattanooga, TN offered gigabit Internet by building out its own fiber infrastructure. Now that Google Fiber is here, however, other cities are beginning to adopt their own fiber Internet services to combat …

Terrell Owens a Free Agent Once Again
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Less than one month after being signed by the Seattle Seahawks, Terrell Owens has been released and is a free agent once again. The wide receiver announced his new free agency via his Twitter account: Even though they didn’t believe …

Google Releases Marvelous 3D Imagery For More Cities Google Releases Marvelous 3D Imagery For More Cities
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Google has expanded its coverage of 3D Google Earth imagery to include Denver and Seattle. Google announced the imagery, to make its maps more appealing, back in June. The imagery, first available on Android, made its way to iOS a …

Man Posting To Facebook While Running from Police
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Travis Nicolaysen has been running from the police since April 4. According to the Peninsula Daily News, Nicolaysen was sought by police for parole violations and for assaulting his girlfriend. He got away from police in two separate foot chases …

Matt Flynn And Seattle Seahawks Sign A Deal

After backing up Aaron Rodgers for the Packers, Matt Flynn is ready to prove himself as Seattle’s next quarterback. Since helping to solidify a win for Green Bay over Detroit last season with 480 yards and six touchdowns, Flynn drew …

Hulu To Open Development Center In Seattle

Amazon, Expedia, Redfin, and Zillow may want to hold an employee appreciation day in the near future.  Hulu announced today that it will open a development center in Seattle – which is where those organizations are headquartered – and the company is also looking to increase its headcount.

Facebook Announces Seattle Expansion
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Less than two months after Facebook made its decision to open a sales and operations office in Austin, Texas official, the company is on the move again.  Facebook’s announced that it next intends to open a small engineering office in Seattle, Washington.

This will perhaps not be a huge deal; Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn said in a statement that Facebook’s only looking for an office that will accommodate 30 or so employees.  On the other hand, any expansion out of Palo Alto is a sort of new and exciting thing at this point in the company’s history.

Google Opens Doors To Seattle Office

There might be something special about working at a company’s headquarters, but as far as Google’s offices go, we don’t think employees in its Seattle location are missing much.  A recent open house displayed things that are every bit as nice as what you’ll find in Mountain View.

Seattle Economy Still Tied To Microsoft

You’ve probably seen more than a few “used to be” towns; they “used to be” supported by coal, steel, or some other industry, but became troubled as times changed.  Now, although things are nowhere near that bad, some onlookers are questioning Microsoft’s role in Seattle.

Google Leases More Land In Kirkland
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It would be inaccurate to say that I’ve lost count of Google’s expansions – I never tried to tally them in the first place.  But as the search giant’s leased hundreds of thousands of square feet around the country, I surely couldn’t have kept up, and today it grabbed a little more: 180,000 square feet in Kirkland, Washington.

Google Leases More Land In Kirkland
Google Leases More Land In Kirkland

Betcha.com Makes Bet, Loses

The latest in victimless-crime-nanny-state-neo-prohibition news comes out of Washington after state authorities seized computers from Betcha.com, a gambling site trying to float just under the letter of the law.

Google Clarifies Paid Link Stance
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Google has updated its Webmaster Guidelines to include definitions of commonly used terms for shady practices and clearer language about the penalties associated with black and gray hat SEO tactics.

Inside SMX Seattle

SE Round Table’s Tamar Weinberg provides an in-depth analysis of the first day’s events at the 2007 Search Marketing Expo in Seattle.

Microsoft Sued Over “Vista Capable” Campaign

Late last year, Microsoft followed up the disappointing news of its delay in shipping Windows Vista to consumers by offering upgrade kits to new PC buys with the assurance that their machine would be fully capable of running the operating system once it was released. According to a woman who has filed suit against the company, that marketing message wasn’t entirely accurate.

The Wrong Kind of Web 2.0 User

The Seattle Times this morning is running an unusual article about Web 2.0 start ups that have a problem, too many users not from the United States.