Man Posting To Facebook While Running from Police

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Travis Nicolaysen has been running from the police since April 4. According to the Peninsula Daily News, Nicolaysen was sought by police for parole violations and for assaulting his girlfriend. He got away from police in two separate foot chases that also included being tracked by a police dog. Police believe he got away by car.

That's when the Facebook fun started.


What about the girlfriend he was accused of assaulting? While running, Nicolaysen has changed his relationship status from "In a Relationship" to "Single". He also added a friend to his profile.


Then, Nicolaysen's family members got in a dispute on his Wall about whether he should run or turn himself in.


One reminded him that his kids are watching and that he needs to turn himself in.


But, for the most part, it seems his friends are having fun watching him on the news and are encouraging him to run from police.


One friend even passed along the message that she would send him her phone number in his inbox. It is unclear whether she is offering him aid or wishes to talk to hijm so she can encourage him to turn himself in.


Nicolaysen's profile shows that he has a son and a daughter, ages 4 and 7 respectively.

Anyone with information about Nicolaysen's whereabouts is asked to phone the Port Angeles Police Department at 360-452-4545.

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