Seattle Gets Fiber Internet Thanks To Gigabit Squared

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Before there was Google Fiber, the city of Chattanooga, TN offered gigabit Internet by building out its own fiber infrastructure. Now that Google Fiber is here, however, other cities are beginning to adopt their own fiber Internet services to combat the painfully slow and expensive services offered by telecoms.

The latest city to join this effort is Seattle, WA. The city's mayor, Mike McGinn, announced this month that the city has reached an agreement with Gigabit Squared to start building out a fiber network in the city to bring gigabit speeds to homes and businesses.

The city will start by building out the fiber infrastructure to 12 neighborhoods in the city. They will also deploy "next generation wireless Internet" in the same 12 neighborhoods for those who use mobile devices.

Even better, the city will be deploying gigabit fiber wireless transmitters across the city. These transmitters will be placed on top of 38 buildings to create a wireless umbrella that will cover the entire city. The intention is to get faster Internet to multifamily housing units and offices that are not in the initial 12 neighborhoods receiving wired support.

Seattle citizens can hit up the Seattle Gigabit Web site to sign up for all the latest information. The city will also use this information to determine where to build out its fiber network next. Having city wide wireless is nice, but a wired connection will provide the true 1Gbps speeds you've been dreaming of.

On top of Google promising to bring Fiber to more cities, Gigabit Squared will also be partnering with university towns to bring fiber to cities that have an immediate need for cheaper, faster Internet. The big telecoms better start offering better service before they're hammered into irrelevancy.

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