Satellite GOCE Plunging Towards Earth Soon

Satellite GOCE Plunging Towards Earth Soon

By Lacy Wise November 7, 2013

Chicken Little finally has a reason to be afraid of things falling from the sky. No, the sky isn’t falling but a European satellite is. GOCE designed to map Earth’s gravitational field will be pulled down sometime in the next …

Antenna Farmers Raise Technology For Google Antenna Farmers Raise Technology For Google

In 2007 Google purchased 1,000 extra acres across from its mull million dollar Council Bluff communication center in Iowa and today they are attempting to get permission and permits to place an extensive array of satellite antennas on the property. …

There May Soon Be Janitors In Space There May Soon Be Janitors In Space
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There’s a lot of trash on the earth. That’s why we have people and machines that help clean it up. There’s also a lot of trash in space. There’s nobody cleaning that up – until now. École Polytechnique Fédérale de …

Google Earth Used To Doublecheck Government Data Google Earth Used To Doublecheck Government Data
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Scientists are learning that Google Earth is a good way to verify government activity. “This shows the promise of Google Earth for collecting and verifying data, which means a few trained scientists can use a freely available program to fact-check …

Twitter SMS: Satellite Support Added Twitter SMS: Satellite Support Added
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Twitter announced today that it has partnered with Iridium and Thuraya, the two largest satellite operators, so that subscribers of these services have access to Twitter SMS. “Now, even if phone lines and the Internet are inaccessible — for example, …

UARS Satellite Is Big On the Internet UARS Satellite Is Big On the Internet

Now that the season has changed to fall, most thoughts turn to leaves changing color and falling off of their trees. However, thanks to the UARS (Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite) vehicle and its return to Earth, for the next little …

What Home Entertainment Technology Will Win?

There has been a lot of new news lately around the idea of home entertainment and media and I wanted to write a post reflecting on recent announcements coming out of Microsoft on their Media Center platform in Windows 7, the new XBox 360, an increasing role for Netflix’s "watch now" technology and today’s announcement regarding Netflix by TiVo.

Sirius: Google’s Satellite Of Love?

This hot little rumor has been bouncing around through the weekend: Google could be willing to purchase satellite radio provider Sirius.

New Satellite To Serve Google Earth

Google’s got a new satellite, and it’s watching you.  Or, to be more accurate, DigitalGlobe’s got a new satellite, it’s watching everything, and the resulting imagery will wind up in Google Earth.

Sydney Gets Fuzzy Under Google Maps
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Views of Australia’s well-known metropolis on Google Maps have diminished in their clarity, resulting in conspiracy theories and denials from the search company.

Clearwire Partners With Satellite TV Companies

Clearwire Corporation has entered into a distribution agreement with DIRECTV and EchoStar Communications.


Clearwire Finds Partners
Clearwire Finds Partners
Google Could Dish Satellite TV Ads

It has long been a dream of Google CEO Eric Schmidt’s that he not have to see advertising for certain products of a feminine nature while watching a football game. Google may be closer to being a player in the TV advertising market through a rumored deal with Dish Networks.

Al Jazeera Launches English Service

Arab TV network Al Jazeera launched an English-language service yesterday that, inevitably, attracted criticisms in the US and elsewhere where some see the station purely as a mouthpiece for Osama Bin Laden.

Googles Big Deals

Google’s had some big deals the last week, and I’m going to lay them out quickly for anyone who didn’t read about them elsewhere while I was gone.

The Nation’s First: A Kentucky Fried Satellite

When you think of Kentucky, you think of (if you’re being polite like you should be) horses, bourbon, the Colonel, and the nicest darn people this side of the Pearly Gates. But would you, in a million years, think space program? Not government subsidized acreage, ya hickthe satellite business.

AT&T Enters Satellite Broadband Ring

A large percentage of the U.S. is still dialing up Internet service, especially in rural areas where broadband is unavailable due to lack of infrastructure. The expense of laying that infrastructure has Internet providers looking to satellite-based services as a work-around.

Global Satellite Imagery Added to Yahoo! Maps

Today Yahoo! has added global satellite imagery to Yahoo! Maps beta.