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You Better Get Comfortable with eBay’s New Search
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eBay is 86ing its old search engine in favor of its newer one. Up until this point, users have been able to choose the one they prefer, but according to eBay the majority are using the new one, so you can kiss the old one goodbye.

Perceived Value Is Reality
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Closing the sale is a delicate and at times unpredictable process. Consumers have varying reasons to reject or accept an offer and often some incentive is necessary. But what kind of incentive is most effective and brings the most return for the retailer? A discount? A gift? Free shipping?

Consumers Asked To Avoid Online Shopping
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The International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC) has launched a campaign asking consumers to shop locally at brick-and-mortar stores instead of shopping online. Their reason: online retailers don’t collect sales taxes and don’t support local jobs and community organizations.

Online Retailers Cash In On Cyber Monday

While the economy boded poorly for brick-and-mortar stores over the holiday weekend leading up to Cyber Monday, Hitwise says business was pretty much booming for online-only retailers.

No Apologies From National Retail Federation
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Yesterday, we covered three bills in Congress championed by the National Retail Federation that would require online marketplaces to keep extensive records on merchants and, on behalf of the government, secretly investigate those suspected of selling stolen goods. Trying to shore up support, a representative for the NRF compared online merchants to drug addicts who could help but steal to support their eBay habit.

More Retailers Using Social Media
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An increasing number of retailers are turning to social media to target teens and young adults during the back to school shopping season according to JupiterResearch.

Retailers are trying out a number of Web 2.0 tools for their back to school marketing campaigns, including using virtual worlds, social networks, social shopping sites, visual search engines, video and widgets.

24 Ways to Get a Customer and Keep a Customer
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Let’s start with the bad news, and there’s kind of a lot of it, before we move on the good news of how to fix it. About three-quarters of online shoppers are unsatisfied with their online shopping experience. The other quarter are, flatly, satisfied, in that even bad pizza is good pizza kind of way.

Sort of anticlimactic, isn’t it? The good news is there’s a lot of opportunity for satisfying customers, even making them very, very happy.

Borders closes to Amazon

Bookselling chain decides competing with Amazon.com on book sales will be a better prospect than the now-ended partnership with the online retailing giant.

SMX West: Tasty Blend Of Search, Retail
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Universal search presents retailers an opportunity to reach searchers with more information than a few words of plain text.

Holiday Online Retail Cracked $29 Billion

Non-travel spending during the 2007 holidays reached $29.2 billion despite a slow start in November.

‘Tis The Season For Price Gouging
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Call it a consequence of the free market, the law of supply and demand, or just good old-fashioned opportunism. I’ll leave the ethics debate up to you. After all, is it really any different than selling Guitar Hero III for $9,000?

Price Or Convenience? Maybe Both

Last month Nielsen Online released the results of survey suggesting that online shoppers prefer the convenience of online shopping as their main reason for participating.

This month, another survey says that price is the most important factor.

Ugg, Wii Obsess Holiday Searchers
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The scarce Nintendo Wii ranked as the most searched-for item during the holidays, while Ugg boots drew the most luxury item queries.

Online Holiday Spending Tops $18 Billion

Forget about Cyber Monday; December 6th easily topped the online sales of the Monday after Thanksgiving, as US consumers spent $803 million on the first Thursday in December.

Holiday Retail Spending Rings Up $14 Billion

Analysis firm comScore said the first 32 days of the US holiday non-travel retail shopping season topped $14 billion for a 17 percent gain over the same period last year.

SES – Maximum Retail Conversion
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Some sites are all about direct sales. Search is arguably the most influential and accountable form of online marketing and we’ve assembled a list of experts who will show you the way. This session will focus on direct conversion behavior and turning visitors into customers and cash. Go Maximum or go home.

Moderator: Kevin Ryan, Vice President, Global Content Director, Search Engine Strategies and Search Engine Watch

SES Chicago: Online Retail And SEO

There is money being left on the table by online retailers, as many have not made the most out of their search engine optimization opportunities.

A Fun Day for Retail Research

Today’s a fun one for retail research.

First, I received an update from Compete’s blog deconstructing the myth of Cyber Monday:

Get Free Advertising Advice From Google

The Google AdWords blog had a post today that caught my attention. The AdWords Optimization Team is accepting requests from advertisers who want feedback on their campaigns. Simply fill out a request form and tell Google about your business and advertising goals.

Online Retail Growing but Not Winning

Online retail sales are growing by all accounts—but, paradoxically, this is somehow translated as a negative for the industry, indicating that it’s “immature.”

Recall Doesn’t Stall Online Demand For Toys

Non-travel retail sales for the third quarter of 2007 hit $28.4 billion, a 23 percent increase over the same period last year, with sales fueled by demand for video games and their related consoles and accessories.

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