Apple Watch Is the Only Thing Apple Wants You Wearing on Your Wrist

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Apple is clearing the way for the Apple Watch.

According to Re/code, Apple stores across the country have begun to pull items from their shelves that could possibly compete with the Apple Watch, which is set to launch next month.

Both the Jawbone Up band and the Nike + FuelBand are no longer carried in Apple's retail outlets.

There are other explanations for the bands' disappearance apart from Apple's calculations, but there's no doubt that the Apple Watch has a lot to do with it. As far as the Nike FuelBand is concerned, Nike has stopped production – mostly to focus on software, including the Nike+ Fuel app for iOS (and the new Nike app you'll see on the Apple Watch). Jawbone is currently working on its new band, so the one Apple yanked is old news by now.

Fitbit, probably the most recognized fitness band brand, was pulled from Apple Stores a while ago due to friction over HealthKit integration. Mio's heart monitoring band is now only available online.

Re/code has this about Mio:

Liz Dickinson, chief executive and founder of Mio, said Apple notified her a few months ago that the Mio would be removed from the retail stores, though the company did not cite the Apple Watch as the reason.

“They said they brought in a new executive in the marketing area who wanted to rework branding for the stores, and to make the Apple brand more front and center and clean up and minimize the number of accessories,” Dickinson said.

Wouldn't want you to get distracted when you head to the nearest Apple Store for your Apple Watch try-on, now would they?

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