Amazon Is Ramping Up TV-Commerce

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Amazon is about to make a huge push into TV-commerce.

Here's the scenario: You're using your Amazon Fire TV, catching up on episodes of The Good Wife. You spot an incredible pair of shoes. OMG, you say. I must have those. Then, with the help of Amazon, you have them at your doorstep in an hour.

Amazon has already started testing specific product ads inside the Fire TV experience – mostly for candy and Fitbits. But according to a report from GeekWire Amazon is about to turn the TV shopping game up a few notches.

From GeekWire:

Amazon is looking to integrate products into its X-Ray feature, which currently leverages Amazon’s IMDb subsidiary to display details about shows such as the actors and music. Product integration with X-Ray will let viewers see specific items in a movie or TV show, and then click to easily purchase those products for themselves.

Not only that, but Amazon is reportedly developing its own, QVC-like shopping channel. You see something you like, you order it in a couple of clicks.

And with Amazon's Prime Now one-hour delivery service (only available in a few markets as of now), you can see how the above scenario is very plausible.

Amazon makes its money when you buy things. That's the idea behind its most popular service, Amazon Prime. If Amazon can get more purchasing opportunities into the TV experience, the place where many people spend the most leisure time, it's a no-brainer.

Josh Wolford
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