Game Day Recipes: Must-Have Snacks For Sunday

Game Day Recipes: Must-Have Snacks For Sunday

By Toni Matthews-El February 1, 2014

The biggest game of the year is tomorrow. Are you prepared? You might not think it matters, but having snacks on hand for yourself or others can really add to the fun of Super Bowl Sunday. Believe it or not, …

Thanksgiving Recipes and Tips: Your Online Guide Thanksgiving Recipes and Tips: Your Online Guide
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The holidays are a wonderful time of the year, a time when friends and families get together for food, fun, and football. A time to celebrate things like charity and camaraderie. It’s also a time for seemingly unending stress – …

Memorial Day Food & Drink: The Twitter Guide Memorial Day Food & Drink: The Twitter Guide

While Memorial Day is a time for reverence, to honor those who have given their lives to military service for our great country, it is also a huge weekend for food and drink. Countless burgers will be grilled, steaks will …

McCain Campaign Tastes Plagiarized Recipes

Cindy McCain’s kitchen looked a lot like The Food Network’s to one eagle-eyed website visitor, who spotted lots of similarities between recipes published on both sites.

Yahoo Tips Turkey Day With Shortcuts

Yahoo Search followed its release of NBA and NHL Shortcuts with ones oriented toward holiday recipes.

Searchers After Colonel’s Addictive Chemical

Now, I don’t have any numbers to back this up, but I’d bet America has more chain restaurants than anywhere else, and quite the variety of them. But when it comes to sought-after chain restaurant recipes, only six of them have us searching.

Food Site Adds Social Networking Features

Online food site Epicurious.com has relaunched its site with a new design that focuses on personalization.

Google Base Changes Vertical Search Results
Google Base has a bunch of search verticals, mini search engines built on data uploaded to Base, and they’ve changed the results format of those search engines. The old:

BlogHer: How to Build Your Audience

Elise Bauer, Simply Recipes and Learning Movable Type

Three things to thing about, with respect to building traffic:

Yahoo India Denies Stealing Recipes
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Following claims that Yahoo India stole content from some other businesses’ blogs, the company’s representatives want everyone to know that “we do not admit of [sic] any copyright violation.” The content in question, by the way, was a recipe.

ColdFusion Cookbook Seeking Recipes

Raymond Camden has created the ColdFusion Cookbook website, and hopes to see it populated with plenty of problem-solving ColdFusion answers.

Google Real Estate? Google Autos? Not?

Steve Rubel, in two seperate posts, links to new types of searches Google is serving, from auto searches to real estate searches.

Ask vs. Google – An Observation of Search Results
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I have always considered it a good idea to use multiple search engines when performing a specific search.

Recipes For Stress

It is within your power to reduce the stressful reactions that you have. A key to changing your reactions is being able to track the way in which you generate stress.