Chocolate: Make Your Own Halloween Treats

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Chocolate is a treat that many people enjoy and with Halloween just around the corner, now is the perfect time to start making some sweet treats for yourself, family, Halloween party guests or trick or treaters.

If you want to satisfy your chocolate craving and have some fun this Halloween, check out these cute and easy chocolate treat recipes that are perfect for any Halloween occasion.

Oreo Jack-O-Lanterns
Oreo cookies are popular among chocolate lovers and while you might not think they could get any better than they already are, you might be surprised. If you want to dress up your favorite cookie for Halloween, simply melt some white chocolate, color it orange with food dye and use it to cover the cookies. Then use some black or brown icing to create a face on the cookies and make them look like little Jack-O-Lanterns. These treats are great to make in a hurry and are perfect for school parties or just snacking at home.

Dirt Pudding With Worms
If you really want to indulge in some chocolate and have some fun in the spirit of Halloween, you will love making and eating dirt pudding with worms. To make these treats you just need to crumble up your favorite chocolate cookies and add them to a batch of chocolate pudding. Pour the mixture into a glass bowl or individual cups and top with more cookie crumbs. Stick a few gummy worms down into the "dirt" to add to the eww factor and the fun.

Chocolate Halloween Bark
Chocolate bark is easy and fun to make and is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth. Choose some of your favorite candies or treats such as peanuts, coconut, candy coated peanut butter pieces, sprinkles and cookie crumbs. Pour melted chocolate onto a baking sheet and add the toppings to the chocolate before it hardens. Once it is hard, break it apart and serve on a cute Halloween platter.

Enjoy these fun Halloween chocolate recipes or get creative and come up with some new ones of your own.

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