Obama Joins the Rest of Twitter in Telling the New York Times to GTFO with This Peas in Guac Insanity

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At 1:51 pm ET on Wednesday, July 1st, The New York Times suggested to Twitter that they add green peas to their guacamole. The paper of record told us to trust them.

The recipe, by Melissa Clark, is about 90% your basic guac recipe – complete with cilantro, avocado, lime (juice and zest, of course), and jalapeno (debatable). But it also involves pureed peas, as well as a whole pea garnish.

Let's be clear – this isn't a food crime. Ok, it might be a food crime, but without making this myself I'm pretty sure this would taste fine. The peas would add sweetness, but it would probably taste like most guacamole you've had in your lifetime.

Anyway, Twitter lost its collective shit.

This goes on forever, by the way.

The NYT lost the President, too.

The woman responsible has spoken:

I'd say this is the next "The Dress", but it looks to be pretty one-sided.

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