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Electric Cars Have Radio Interference Problems Electric Cars Have Radio Interference Problems
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To enable radio reception in electric vehicles, manufacturers must install filters and insulate cables, since electrical signals will otherwise interfere with music and speech transmissions. Now, using new calculation methods, researchers are paving the way for pure listening pleasure while …

Rush Limbaugh Reassures Affiliates It’ll All Be OK
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After all the advertiser upheaval of late, Rush Limbaugh has taken a little time to send a message to his radio show affiliate stations. The recorded reading of a message refers to his calling Sandra Fluke a slut, talks about …

Rush Limbaugh’s Rights Defended By Window Cleaner
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A residential window cleaning company in Knoxville, Tennessee has bought its first radio ad in over ten years of business. In it they talked very little about their service and spent most of the ad defending what they saw as …

Rush Limbaugh’s Perfect Storm Brewing Rush Limbaugh’s Perfect Storm Brewing
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Rush Limbaugh has ticked people off before. In fact, much of his approach to his brand of entertainment is to create an us-versus-them atmosphere where liberals are demonized. Therefore, he’s made a lot of enemies. Most of the time, Limbaugh’s …

Rush Limbaugh Syndicator Cancels Ads Rush Limbaugh Syndicator Cancels Ads
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In a curious move, the syndicator of Rush Limbaugh’s program has announced that they are suspending certain national commercials that normally air during the show for two weeks. According to radio-info.com, Premiere Networks sent a memo to the traffic managers …

Rush Limbaugh Losing Radio Show Crown To Huckabee?
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Since Rush Limbaugh has been under fire for his comments about Sandra Fluke, it hasn’t just been advertisers who are heading for the hills. People who had supported Limbaugh in the past are starting to wonder what he’s up to. …

What Rush Limbaugh Is Not Telling You About His Advertiser Losses What Rush Limbaugh Is Not Telling You About His Advertiser Losses
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The firestorm over Rush Limbaugh’s “slut” remarks aimed at Sandra Fluke has not died down. Daily tallies of fleeing advertisers are being kept. Yesterday, as Limbaugh’s program was just getting started, he took a few minutes to explain to his …

Fat, Broke, Bald Man Shares Secret To Seducing Women Fat, Broke, Bald Man Shares Secret To Seducing Women

A guest on the Howard Stern Radio Show revealed to a nationwide audience for the first time his secrets about seducing women. Known as the “Craigslist Conqueror“, Aaron Smith claims his secrets should be known by all men. “Men grow …

Rush Limbaugh Apologizes to Sandra Fluke: Statement Released Rush Limbaugh Apologizes to Sandra Fluke: Statement Released
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Earlier this week during his afternoon radio show Rush Limbaugh called a female Georgetown law student a “slut” and a “prostitute”. A firestorm ensued including the pulling of ads by some sponsors. Today Rush Limbaugh Apologized to Ms. Fluke. Here …

NPR Launches Local Online News Sites

National Public Radio, in collaboration with 12 NPR member stations, has launched a dozen topic focused news sites today, debuting its Argo Network, an online journalism venture created to produce in-depth local coverage.

Mixcloud Aims to Become “YouTube of Radio”
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Mixcloud, an online radio site, which aims to be the "YouTube of radio," has just launched to the public. The site, which is based in London, aims to make radio more social, personal, and democratic. The public is taking notice. Mixcloud is already creating a lot of buzz, and has made the trending topics on Twitter.

The Future of Radio On The Internet

While we talk about the death of newspapers with great regularity it gets to be old news real quickly and even starts to feel a little mean. So to relieve that pressure eMarketer has come out with a report that is evidence of the decline and fall of another old friend, radio. Terresttrial radio is what we are talking about here. Good old fashioned over the airwaves kind of radio is heading in the same direction as newspapers which is sad but just another harsh reality of the shift in the media of the future.

Google Radio Automation Officially Sold
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WideOrbit announced today that it has acquired Google’s Radio Automation business, which includes Google Radio Automation, Maestro, and SS32 automation products. This has been known to be coming, but was made official today.

Pandora Back Atop Apple’s App Store
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Pandora’s music discovery app has returned to its rightful place atop the Apple App Store. Sirius XM Radio gave them a pretty good run in the music category, edging out Pandora for several weeks. Alas, it wasn’t meant to be though.

Zune Adds Key Compatibility Features

Microsoft announced that it will open its Zune video service to the Xbox LIVE this Fall. Microsoft also unvieled its newest portable media player, the Zune HD. Designed to compete with the popular iPod Touch, the Zune HD combines built-in an mp3 and video players, an HD radio receiver, HD video output, an OLED touch screen, Wi-Fi and an internet browser.More details:

Google Axes Radio Ads
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Google is now shutting down its radio advertising business. This comes about a month after Google announced the shut down of its print advertising business, not to mention Google Notebook, Jaiku, Google Catalog Search, Mashup Editor, Dodgeball, and uploading to Google Video.

Podcasts Help Radio Listening In UK

One of the reasons I often hear as to why podcasting took off in the US is because of the poor choices available from radio.

Homogenized content and script-reading presenters wherever you listen are among the anecdotal statistics thrown about.

Cable Ad Sales Fail At eBay

After a year, eBay closed down its Internet-based TV and radio ad selling platform, as cable channels avoided it due to fears of commoditizing ads.

TNS: Internet display ads grab more revenue

A year over year look at first quarter spending in 2007 and 2008 showed online display advertising gaining well. The rest of the media industry…not so much.

Yahoo Running Radio Ads
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When was the last time you listened to a radio ad?  Thanks to satellite radio, they simply don’t exist for some people.  Others make a reflexive lunge for the remote or head unit every time the music stops.  Yahoo’s trying its luck, however, with new promotional spots.

CBS, AOL Strike Radio Deal
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CBS Radio has partnered with AOL to share streams from all of its 140 stations with AOL’s online radio service.

CBS Radio will power AOL’s online radio stations and will also run advertising sales for the Time Warner properties 200 plus stations.

The two companies plan to create a number of product improvements including a new player along with full support for the Mac.