David Stern Clowns Jim Rome, Both Become Worldwide Trends

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Jim Rome is fond of Jim Rome. This much is obvious. If you don't see it, take a look at his head shots, like the one leading this article, and other straight-from-the-media-packet pictures that show up in a "Jim Rome" Google Image Search. In case you aren't aware, Rome is something of a sports analyst, with shows on Fox Sports Radio and the new CBS Sports Network. One of Rome's claim to fame is his interview style, which some may describe as combative. While that may be a stretch, confrontational is not.

Earlier today, Rome welcomed NBA Commissioner David Stern, who's riding the wave of some record-breaking ratings for Game 1 of the NBA Finals. While a number of topics were discussed during Rome's interview of Commissioner Stern, inevitably, especially when you consider Rome's interview style, the topic of fixing the NBA Draft in favor of the New Orleans Hornets was brought up. Being the good interview that he is, Stern initially deflected the question with a simple "no" and "shame on you for asking.

However, when pressed by Rome, Stern pulled the big guns out, asking the host "did you stop beating your wife yet?" Some words of reaction come to mind:

"Ouch," "Damn," and "Oh my god, he went there on Rome?" for staters.

Rome responded to Stern's quip by saying "now, that's not fair," (you can here the audio here and here) but from the Commissioner's perspective, of course it is. Accusations of NBA Lottery fixing cannot and will not be taken lightly, regardless of how loud the feedback gets. Naturally, the sports-loving Twitter users out there jumped all over this like flies on dung, making not one, but two topics--Jim Rome and David Stern--Twitter Trend on a worldwide basis:

As you can see, some are criticizing Stern for not crushing the "softball question" Rome asked, while others, who are probably people who don't like Rome, think Stern came out ahead. Whatever the case, I'm not sure what answer he was expected to give, besides no. Granted, the "do you still beat your wife" was a little unexpected, but from Stern's point of view, the Draft-fixing question is just as absurd.

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