Fat, Broke, Bald Man Shares Secret To Seducing Women

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A guest on the Howard Stern Radio Show revealed to a nationwide audience for the first time his secrets about seducing women. Known as the "Craigslist Conqueror", Aaron Smith claims his secrets should be known by all men. "Men grow up thinking the only ways to get a woman into bed quickly are to be super-rich, very good looking, famous or really smooth. I'm none of those things, but I've discovered a path nobody else talks about: wrapping a woman in her fantasy to make her want you. Even if she never met you in person. Even if she's far more attractive than you are," shares the Craigslist Conqueror.

Smith told Howard Stern that for most of his life, he was just an average, bald, overweight, never wealthy or powerful guy and that his experience with dating and knowledge of women was extremely limited. He claims he discovered and started experimenting with Craigslist personals, which he believes are totally different from other online dating forums. He claims he had nothing to lose and utilized strategies no one else was using and he quickly found tremendous success and started meeting new women every night.

According to Aaron, "Every woman has at least one sexual fantasy she secretly wants to fulfill. The more attractive, educated and successful she is, the less likely she is to share those intimate desires with anyone in her social circle. If you can figure out what she wants, then present yourself as the one man who best understands her needs and can fulfill them, she is yours. Even if she's way out of your league."

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