Spotify Free Radio Comes To Android

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When Spotify launched its free radio service for iOS last month, they said that an Android version was definitely on the way. Now, just over a month later, Android users can now enjoy Spotify's version of Pandora-like radio for free on the go.

Of course, for non-premium members, "free" means "ad supported" It's no different than the desktop or iOS versions - if you don't want to pay up, you're going to hear some ad breaks.

One of the cool things about Spotify radio is that users can save tracks that they like. All of their thumbed-up tracks will be saved into a separate "liked from radio" playlist that's accessible anytime. It's a simple feature like this that makes Spotify radio such a good music discovery system.

Not only that, but Spotify radio offers unlimited user playlists based on starting tracks, and features a rating mechanism that learns your preferences over time. It's a strong competitor to streaming radio services like Pandora, and is made even stronger by this release onto Android.

Your free Spotify radio will pull from all of the millions of tracks available, so it's basically just a personalized, randomized version of the regular Spotify experience.

Unfortunately for international Spotify users, free radio for Android is only available to U.S. users.

You can grab to updated version of the app on Google Play.

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