Rush Limbaugh's Rights Defended By Window Cleaner

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A residential window cleaning company in Knoxville, Tennessee has bought its first radio ad in over ten years of business. In it they talked very little about their service and spent most of the ad defending what they saw as Rush Limbaugh's free speech rights. The ad states:

Rush Limbaugh recently made some morally wrong statements. A number of dangerous, radical organizations have seized upon those statements to attack the First Amendment. They are harassing advertisers with questionably legal secondary boycotts and threats.

The ad goes on to challenge anyone who would boycott them for their stance.

One commenter on the Youtube version of their ad has gotten many up-votes. He elucidates the rebuttal to the notion that Limbaugh's free speech rights are being violated. His comment reads:

I have no issue with you guys supporting Rush, but THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE CONSTITUTION.
Rush has the right to say or not say whatever he wants.
Advertisers have the right to associate or not associate with whomever they want.
Consumers have the right to support or not support advertisers who choose to associate or distance themselves from Rush.
Nobody's 1st Amendment rights were threatened.
The 1st Amendment gives you freedom of speech, not freedom from consequences from said speech.

- TheBaldOneMpls

Here is the ad, which aired on WOKI-FM in Knoxville.

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