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Pinterest Helps Local Police Clear Their Wanted List Pinterest Helps Local Police Clear Their Wanted List
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You may know Pinterest is that “place with all of the food pictures” or “that place where my girlfriend spends all of her time,” but social media is versatile – and Pinterest is proving to be no exception. The fast-growing …

Arlen Specter Dies at 82, Pennsylvania Senator

The political world mourns today as we lose a loyal servant to Pennsylvania, Arlen Specter, who recently changed his political affiliation from Republican to Democrat. Arlen Specter, a Kansas native, moved to Pennsylvania during his college years, where he attended …

Bear at Mall: Pittsburgh Mall Gets Another Furry Visitor
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Bear at mall: Shoppers at the Pittsburgh Mills mall were treated to a peculiar event when a bear wandered into Sears department store on Saturday, prompting officials to evacuate the establishment. After using the automatic doors to gain entrance to …

Pennsylvania Student Urinates On School Computers
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An 11 year-old boy caused quite a stir recently when he allegedly urinated all over a cart full of computers at a Pennsylvania elementary school. The grand total for his bladder-driven episode: $36,000. According to faculty, the MacBooks in question …

Google Boosting Pennsylvania Businesses With Free Websites Google Boosting Pennsylvania Businesses With Free Websites

When Google comes to town, you can hedge your bets that people are gonna be getting online. Pennsylvania businesses are going to get a bite of that particular Google-y candy bar in April as Google will be arriving to the …

Pennsylvania Anti-Texting Law Begins March 8 Pennsylvania Anti-Texting Law Begins March 8

Texting drivers, take note: in the very near future, your haphazard multitasking of texting while driving will land you a $50 fine should you get caught doing it in Pennsylvania. A new law prohibiting text-based communication while driving in the …

Foursquare Offers Unique Groundhog Day Badge Foursquare Offers Unique Groundhog Day Badge

Do you care enough about Groundhog Day to get a special badge from Foursquare? The Pennsylvania Tourism Office today announced an exclusive deal with Foursquare that will allow users to obtain the official “PA Groundhog Day 2012” badge on February …

Google Scoffs At Complete Privacy
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Google’s Street View photography of a Pennsylvania residence drew a lawsuit from the owners, but Google dismissed the plaintiff’s opinion as being out of touch with the real world.

Botched Debate Draws Complaints By Thousands
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In case you thought you were alone, you’re not the only one miffed* at ABC’s Charles Gibson and George Stephanopoulos after last night’s "debate." Over 16,000 people have commented so far at ABCNews.com’s debate page—and most of it’s not good.

Google Use Doesn’t Please Pennsylvania Court

The case involved back taxes and a piece of property.  It went through both a county judge and the Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania.  Now we’ve learned that Google’s a good resource, but, in some people’s eyes, there’s nothing quite like a paper phonebook.

Microsoft Blogger Scoble Has Fans In Siberia

Wharton’s Managing Technology: Blogs, Everyone? Weblogs Are Here to Stay, but Where Are They Headed…

Exploring the World of Photoblogs

Shutterbug magazine reports that photoblogs growing like a field of mushrooms with the proliferation of inexpensive compact digital cameras, widespread adoption of broadband Internet connections, and the advent of cell phones with digital cameras built-in.