Police Chief Resigns After Questionable Photo Hits Facebook

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In yet another example of what-happens-on-Facebook-happens-in-front-of-everyone-in-the-world-please-stop-posting-private-crap-on-Facebook-it's-going-to-get-you-fired-or-arrested news, a Confluence, Pennsylvania police chief has resigned after a questionable photo made its way on the site.

The photo seen above of chief Tom Keller and a woman packing serious heat popped up on Facebook.

In his defense, Keller claims to have been the victim of a hacker that's "just trying to embarrass him." That would explain the fact that photo wound up on Facebook, I guess. But explaining the photo itself, well, that's a different task.

According to Somerset County's the Daily American, Keller has resigned his position after being suspended without pay.

"This photo was meant to be private," he said. "It is a propped photo, a family photo of me and my wife just having fun."

In response to the situation, town mayor Allen Gyorko said,

“In the winter, people get a little, what you call, cabin fever, you know. And they do goofy things..We’re a little distraught about it.”

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