Bear at Mall: Pittsburgh Mall Gets Another Furry Visitor

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Bear at mall: Shoppers at the Pittsburgh Mills mall were treated to a peculiar event when a bear wandered into Sears department store on Saturday, prompting officials to evacuate the establishment. After using the automatic doors to gain entrance to the store, the bear was spotted running up and down the aisles, growling as it went. According to witnesses, people weren't initially aware that a bear had entered the building. Thankfully, the 125-pound intruder was tranquilized and removed before it or any of the customers were injured.

Strangely, this isn't where the story ends. Authorities explained that a second bear was seen in the area around the same time. Less than two hours after taking care of the first unexpected visitor, another bear was seen lurking outside of an Olive Garden restaurant. Before it could be captured by State game officials, the beast disappeared, though not for very long.

Sunday night, authorities believe the same bear caused a traffic jam when it wandered onto the highway. Again, the bear eluded captivity, prompting officials to set traps in hopes of ensnaring the animal before it harms itself or the poor soul unfortunate enough to stumble across its path.

Remember, folks: If you spot the creature in-question, whatever you do, do not approach it. Find a safe spot and call the police. Having seen what happens when a bear is backed into a corner, I can honestly say that it's not going to end well for you or the bear.

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