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Naomi Campbell Struts On Versace Runway After 15 Years Naomi Campbell Struts On Versace Runway After 15 Years

Naomi Campbell, who is among the elite group of women given the “supermodel” title in the ’90s, took to the runway again in Paris on Sunday to cheers from the audience. The Versace show was held in Paris during their …

James Lipton Says He Was a Pimp in France James Lipton Says He Was a Pimp in France

James Lipton is best known for hosting the TV show Inside the Actors Studio, in which he conducts serious interviews with big-name Hollywood actors and actresses. It turns out, however, that the 86-year-old Lipton has a much more interesting past …

Paris: Riots Follow Saint-Germain Soccer Victory Paris: Riots Follow Saint-Germain Soccer Victory
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French soccer team Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) locked up its first Ligue 1 title in nearly 20 years this weekend, sending the team to the Champions League group stage and prompting celebration in Paris. Unfortunately, police and soccer fans did not …

Objet Enters The World Of Fashion With 3D Printed Clothing Objet Enters The World Of Fashion With 3D Printed Clothing
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I don’t think anybody would normally associate 3D printing with fashion. One Dutch fashion designer did, however, and the results are pretty fabulous. Objet released a video interview today with Dutch fashion designer Iris van Herpen and MIT Professor Neri …

$1 Million Apple Heist Takes Place On New Years In Paris $1 Million Apple Heist Takes Place On New Years In Paris
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A $1 million Apple heist seems like a terrible plot out of the next Ocean’s 11 imitator, but such a theft actually did occur over the New Years holiday. In fact, the heist shared a number of similarities with Hollywood …

BMW’s Fashionable New Concept Store in Paris BMW’s Fashionable New Concept Store in Paris

Imagine Louis Vuitton sold high-end sedans instead of handbags and you will get a feel for what BMW was going for with the design of their newest concept store in Paris. Counter to the auto malls you might find a …

Pippa Middleton Facing Arrest Over Gun Incident Pippa Middleton Facing Arrest Over Gun Incident

Having ties to the royal family can often lead to disastrous media attention, and not even “Her Royal Hotness” can escape it. Pippa Middleton–who was the object of millions of ogles after sporting a derriere-flattering gown to the royal wedding …

Google Pays Fine Over AutoComplete Suggestion In France Google Pays Fine Over AutoComplete Suggestion In France

A Paris court found in favor of a local insurance company against Google last month regarding a dispute offer the search engine’s AutoComplete search results. Apparently, when users typed in the name of the firm, “Lyonnaise de Garantie”, into Google, …

Google Earth On A 48 Screen Display Is Pretty Cool Google Earth On A 48 Screen Display Is Pretty Cool

This is what happens when you put Google Earth on a 48 screen display. In other words, awesome stuff, provided looking at life-sized representations of the cities and places you love does something for you. For me, just seeing it …

eBay Loses Court Case To Louis Vuitton
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The Paris District Court ruled today that eBay is liable for harming the reputation of luxury goods maker Louis Vuitton through its use of trademarks, company name and domain name.

The Paris court has ordered eBay to stop using keywords which harm the reputation of the Louis Vuitton brand to promote its sites and will impose penalties of  $1,372 (1,000 euros) for future violations.

The Louvre Opens Online English Database
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The Louvre museum in Paris has launched an English language version of its online collections database, Atlas.

The online database will allows users to access information on 22,000 works of art from the Louvre, and provide high-resolution images along with their locations in the museum.

Before today, the Atlas database was only available in French and could be accessed via the Louvre’s website, which receives more than 10 million visits a year.

YouTube Goes Retro With Banner Ads And Pop-Ups
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When Google bought YouTube, the second question people asked (after "what about the copyright nightmare?) was about how Google planned to introduce advertising into a pure video vacuum. YouTubers have never been keen on being sold anything, not even Paris Hilton.

You’ll Never Be Paris Hilton…

Recently I was reading a book that a friend sent me (thanks Greg) and although it has absolutely nothing to do with the internet or marketing, it grabbed an open piece of mental Velcro.

The interesting bit of information was:

Google News Played by Foreign Sources?
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Take a look at Google News U.S. and how many obscure foreign news sources are linked to. Of course nothing is wrong with this until you realize that the stories these sources are writing about are U.S. based. Looking deeper it’s obvious that some of  the news sites appear to be only writing about these stories in order to get traffic from Google News U.S..

Pre-roll Ads Could Send YouTubers Running

YouTube is Google’s new big stick, but the used-to-be-a-search company better learn to walk softly or lose the droves of devoted viewers. A new poll from Harris Interactive shows that while nearly a third of YouTube users are sacrificing TV time for online video, almost three-quarters of them won’t take kindly to pre-roll advertisements.

Lycos, PlayPhone Offer Up Mobile Content

Lycos has announced the launch of its new mobile marketplace. PlayPhone, Inc., a company that specializes in direct-to-consumer wireless distribution, will power the online store.

Top 10 News Searches: Another Year In Paris

Sure, Google searchers like to keep abreast on world events, as long as those world events happen near Paris. Ahem, Paris Hilton that is. Like jewelry, we like our celebrities, and news about our celebrities, shiny, dumb and useless

Searching For Commando Pics
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There’s a lesson to be learned here – if you are a fallen pop star that’s getting loads of bad press because of a tabloid fodder marriage, there may be a way to reclaim your buzz – show the paparazzi what’s underneath your skirt. Just ask Britney Spears.

Le Web Conference Meltdown

Wow, I gotta come back to this later, but when I just walked into PodTech’s offices after a day of interviewing and being mostly off of the Net several people came up to me and said “did you hear what happened at Le Web conference?”

SES Paris: Exalead CEO Critical of Google

Andy Atkins-Krger is covering the Search Engine Strategies conference in Paris this week and today quotes Francois Bourdoncle, CEO and founder of France-based search engine Exalead in the opening keynote of Search Engine Strategies Paris as saying . “We’re all helping to create the Google monster” and calls the major search engines the “Walmarts of the digital world.”

Hobson’s Upcoming Speaking Gigs and Conferences

There are some great learning and professional development events taking place in Europe during the next few weeks that you might want to consider being part of.