$1 Million Apple Heist Takes Place On New Years In Paris

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A $1 million Apple heist seems like a terrible plot out of the next Ocean's 11 imitator, but such a theft actually did occur over the New Years holiday. In fact, the heist shared a number of similarities with Hollywood blockbusters due to how well the crime was organized and executed.

CNN reports that four armed robbers made their way into an Apple store in Paris on New Years. They were able to get in through a service entrance and threatened employees to let them into the back storeroom. From there, the robbers were able to get away with $1.3 million worth of iPads, iPhones and MacBooks.

So, how did they get away with it? It turns out that robbing a store on New Years is apparently easier than it looks thanks to the majority of police attention being given to the crowds outside on the streets. The police note that the thieves also knew exactly what they were doing by going after devices in the storeroom while leaving the display devices on the show floor.

This isn't the first time that an Apple store has been hit with major thefts since the launch of the super popular iPhone 5. In Japan, thieves hit three major stores in Osaka and made away with over 100 iPhone 5s. The iPhone 5 also continues to be a popular target among those who rob people on the street, but Apple thankfully provides a free service to catch them. Unfortunately, the unactivated iPhones in Paris can not be recovered so easily.