James Lipton Says He Was a Pimp in France


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James Lipton is best known for hosting the TV show Inside the Actors Studio, in which he conducts serious interviews with big-name Hollywood actors and actresses. It turns out, however, that the 86-year-old Lipton has a much more interesting past that involves French bordellos.

In an interview this week with Parade, Lipton confirmed that he was a pimp in Paris during the 50s. He stated that he befriended a prostitute in the city, who arranged the job for him after he ran out of money. Lipton said that he represented an entire bordello of women, taking a cut of the revenue.

Lipton emphasized that he believes the women, who were desperate for money just after World War II, were not exploited. He stated that his efforts were "completely regulated" and that the girls received medical inspections on a weekly basis.

"The great bordellos were still flourishing in those days before the sheriff of Paris, a woman, closed them down," said Lipton. "It was a different time.”

Lipton called the experience "a great year" of his life. He also stated that he doesn't think people should buy sex, and that if someone can't "earn it" on their own, they don't deserve it.

Lipton also mentioned his role in the comedy series Arrested Development during the interview. He has reprised his role as Warden Gentles in the Netflix-produced fourth season of the show, which was released this weekend.

(Image courtesy David Shankbone/Wikimedia Commons)