Jared Pobre Has a New Sweetheart – Stacy Keibler


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Goodbye George, hello Jared! Love is definitely in the air, and Jared Pobre looks to be basking in the ambiance of it all with his new love interest Stacy Keibler. After suffering a public summer breakup with Hollywood heart-throb, George Clooney, the actress and former WWE Diva has set her sights on greener pastures, and Jared Pobre is definitely site she sees.

E! has received confirmation from notable sources that the Future Ads' CEO and business conglomerate is quite smitten with Keibler. However, it's easy to see that this admiration isn't some unrequited love affair, as the attraction is blatantly mutual – so mutual that the two are actually enthralled in the throes of budding love right now on a romantic getaway in France for Paris Fashion Week. Keibler shared a glint of her happiness, posting a picture on Instagram. The two were together at dinner raising their wineglasses. The picture's caption read, “Love being in the city of love! @JaredPobre.”

The picture depicted such a warm embrace that gushed happiness and contentment. Keibler also shared an Instagram picture last week before taking off to Paris. She, Pobre, and two other acquaintances were standing in front of a jet. The picture's hash-tag-filled caption read, “#killingit #teamlifechange @JaredPobre @AlecMonopoly #DavidTrends.”

Judging from the romantic affinity between the two, her loaded hash-tag caption looks to be true. They're definitely killing it in Paris, and their love may possibly be life changing.

Image via Future Ads | Jared Pobre