Miranda Kerr Steps Out in Paris and Cosmo

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Miranda Kerr is back on the catwalk, walking for Chanel’s 2014 Spring-Summer prêt-à-porter show and Stella McCartney’s Spring 2014 show, during Paris Fashion Week. The 30-year-old wife and mother strutted right alongside models almost 10 years younger, including hot ticket Cara Delevingue (21-years-old).

The former Victoria’s Secret Angel is also gracing the cover of November’s Cosmopolitan magazine. She is taking this opportunity to offer commentary about her success and the strength and support she needed to get where she is today. During the Cosmo interview, she gives a shout-out to hubby Orlando Bloom and reveals their son’s opinion—two-year-old Flynn—about who does the bulk of the work in the family, “Flynn says Mommy works and Daddy plays, because Daddy is in a play… so that makes sense.”

“I’m a lot stronger than people think,” Kerr says, talking about starting her own company—Kora Organics, skincare products—and the intensity of being involved at every level. “I’m that person who says, no matter what the problem is, there’s a solution. That’s the way my brain is wired… I can take no for an answer and accept it—but if there’s a solution and I can make it work, why wouldn’t I?”
M Kerr Cosmo Cover
But Kerr also promotes a little alternative women’s lib, with a plug for McCartney, “Don’t feel like you have to do and be everything. Let the man do some things for you, because if he cares for you, he will want to. When I get home, I’m not the boss like I am at work—I slip into a more feminine role. I take everything off and put on my Stella McCartney silk robe."

Aussie-born Kerr also spoke about the downsides of the modeling world. “Models are some of the most insecure people I’ve ever met,” Kerr told Cosmo, “They’re constantly being told they’re not good enough. You’ve really got to practice loving yourself.”

Wondering what a super model takes home as a souvenir from all her exotic photo shoots? “I collect underwear from my travels. Lace, lingerie, bodysuits…they’re like souvenirs.”

[Images via Cosmopolitan and Miranda Kerr official Facebook.]

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