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Microsoft Donates “Mayhem” To Outercurve Foundation Microsoft Donates “Mayhem” To Outercurve Foundation

The Outercurve Foundation has announced that Microsoft Research has donated an open-source scripting system called Mayhem to the foundation. Mayhem is to serve as the centerpiece of Outercurve’s newly-formed Innovators Gallery. Mayhem is scripting software designed to enable non-programers to …

Open Source Now On Par With Proprietary Software Open Source Now On Par With Proprietary Software
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I’m a huge proponent of open source software. I’ve always found it to be just as good as proprietary software that I would have to pay an arm and leg for. Microsoft Word? Ha, I use Open Office. iTunes? Even …

BrailleTouch Aids Visually Impaired With Keyboard Of The Future BrailleTouch Aids Visually Impaired With Keyboard Of The Future
· 4

When you think about it, it really doesn’t make any sense that we still use QWERTY keyboards on handheld devices. There are so many characters that it actually requires two or three (or more?) screens in order to display all …

Firefox 10 Launching Tomorrow Firefox 10 Launching Tomorrow
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Firefox is moving on to double digits tomorrow with the release of Firefox 10. PC Mag is reporting that the update will apply to the desktop formats as well as the mobile edition for Android. For those “people,” who never …

NASA’s Code Laid Bare NASA’s Code Laid Bare

NASA’s code has now gone open source – cue homebrew rocket ships. Open source development is a great thing. With NASA opening a new open source software-dedicated Web site, it allows street coders to access and improve the source code …

TextSecure App For Android Is Now Open Source TextSecure App For Android Is Now Open Source

Following the discovery of Carrier IQ, the devious app that stealthily collects data on smartphone users, putting a little more priority on security is worth considering. After all, you never know who is watching so you should probably assume that …

VLC Media Player Coming to Android? VLC Media Player Coming to Android?
· 2

While the Android environment does support various types of media files, one of the knocks on the OS is it’s not easy to watch movies on. Issues with media conversion and a lack of playback control has hamstrung the Android …

WordPress Founder Talks Version 3.2, Security, Google, and More WordPress Founder Talks Version 3.2, Security, Google, and More
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WordPress 3.2 recently launched with hopes of bringing a “faster and lighter” approach to the publishing platform. This release marks the 15th major release of the open source platform and comes just 4 months after the launch of WordPress 3.1.

Google Looks to the Crowd to Take On Microsoft and Skype Google Looks to the Crowd to Take On Microsoft and Skype

Google was already starting to compete with Skype a little, by releasing things like video chat within Gmail, but Gmail is only a small segment of people in the broader landscape of web users. Now Google is thinking bigger, and …

Big Data Challenges and What Factual Is Doing about Them Big Data Challenges and What Factual Is Doing about Them

Data has become a very coveted item. There is so much of it, but it is so hard to obtain. It is easier to get now than it ever was before with offerings such as Amazon’s Clusters, but it is especially difficult for startups with small budgets.

Oracle Turns OpenOffice Into A Community-Based Project Oracle Turns OpenOffice Into A Community-Based Project
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The longtime, free alternative to Microsoft Office will be changing hands in regards to development and supervision as Oracle announced their intentions to turn OpenOffice into a community-based, open source project. Not only that, but they also plan on discontinuing …

OpenStack Open Source Cloud Project Sees Rapid Growth

Rackspace Hosting just announced the six-month anniversary of OpenStack, the open source cloud project started by Rackspace and NASA, and that it has already grown to include 40 companies working on fighting against the emergence of proprietary cloud stacks and creating a standard way to deploy applications and connect clouds. 

Google Wave Lives on as Apache Wave

Earlier this year Google made an unexpected move when it announced it would shut down Google Wave as a standalone product. Since then, despite a lack of mainstream use, it has become clear that Google Wave has a loyal fan base, and Google has made efforts to open source much of the code behind Wave. 

DMOZ Co-Founder “Crowd Sources” Search with New Search Engine Blekko
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Rick Skrenta, co-founder & former CEO of Topix and NewHoo (which went on to become The Open Directory Project or DMOZ), has a new search engine called Blekko that is drawing a great deal of attention. 

Blekko aims to use the public to refine its algorithms and make search results more relevant and less spammy. Can it succeed? Tell us what you think

A Brief Look at What Diaspora Will Do
The source code for Diaspora has been released. It has generated a lot of buzz since it gained funding through Kickstarter and Facebook started drawing more privacy scrutiny earlier this year. Many have looked at the project as a potential alternative to Facebook because of its openness.

More background here.

Google Open Sources More of Wave So Developers Can Take Advantage

Google has given an update on its immediate plans for Google Wave. As you probably know, the company recently announced that it would be shutting down Google Wave as a standalone product, thought Google said it would preserve the technology behind Wave for future use and integration with other Google products.

MusOpen Uses Diaspora Model to Set Classical Music Rights Free
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You may have heard about Diaspora, a Kickstarter project that aims to be an open replacement for Facebook users that don’t like Facebook’s dealings with privacy.

So-Called Facebook Alternative Diaspora Gets a Launch Date
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You may recall that earlier this year, Facebook took a lot of heat over user privacy. While some may still not be satisfied, the company did release simplified privacy settings in response. Around that time, however, a project called Diaspora started generating a lot of hype as a potential, open alternative to Facebook as a social network.

Rackspace Teams Up with NASA on Open Source Cloud Project

Rackspace and NASA are collaborating on an open source cloud platform aimed at "fostering the emergence of standards and cloud interoperability." The platform is called OpenStack.

Rackspace is donating the code that powers its Cloud Files and Cloud Servers products, and NASA is contributing its Nebula Cloud Platform. From there, the two will actively collaborate on joint technology development.

Google Open Sources reMail
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A couple weeks ago, Google acquired reMail, a popular iPhone app, and pulled it from Apple’s App Store. Now, Google has made it open source.

"After looking at a number of options to make reMail available in some form, we decided to open source the code, which is now available on Google Code as remail-iphone under the Apache 2.0 License," Google Communications tells WebProNews.

Facebook Set To Unveil “Hyper PHP”
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A PHP project that’s been underway for about two years is finally going to bear fruit for Facebook.  Reports indicate that the company is set to announce the creation of "Hyper PHP" (or HPHP) today, and that Facebook will see speed improvements of around 80 percent as a result.

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