Twitter Releases Code Under Open Source License

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Back in August, Twitter acquired the staff to work with their growth and international teams. Some users were concerned about the fate of Clutch's tools that enabled many developers to easily create iOS apps. The team said that they would release the tools in the coming weeks that would allow developers to run on their own servers. It's been more than a few weeks, but the team has finally fulfilled their promise.

Twitter announced that is now completely open source. Twitter released the code on GitHub under the Apache Public License 2.0. They have even gone back and fixed up the documentation to make getting started easier.

As previously stated, the hosted version of will continue to operate until November 1. After that point, it will be taken down, but with no negative consequences for those who were using the service. Twitter encourages all users to download the source code and implement on your own servers.

Twitter is also hoping that the developer community helps them make even better. They say that certain areas like documentation and setup could use some improvement. It's now up to the community to make that happen. The open source community has proven many times that they're more than capable of making it happen.

Interested parties can grab the source code right now from GitHub. Here's some documentation to get you started. Twitter also states that the the Clutch team is more than happy to answer any questions via their Twitter account.