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Tag: Open Source

Google Brain Co-Founder: Companies Hyping Up AI Fears to Stop Competition
Andrew Ng, co-founder of Google Brain, says companies are fueling fears of AI posing an existential threat to humanity to weed out the competition....
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Oracle Calls Out Red Hat and IBM Over RHEL Source Code
Oracle is weighing in on the Red Hat Enterprise Linux debacle, promising it will never restrict access to its own source code....
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Red Hat Continues Damage Control, Clarifies Term ‘Freeloader’
Red Hat continues its efforts to put out the dumpster fire it started when it restricted access to RHEL source code, this time by clarifying its use o...
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GitHub Is Launching an Open Source Maintainer Community
GitHub has announced the launch of its open source Maintainer Community, a place for maintainers to connect with peers....
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Why You Should Consider Using Software Composition Analysis (SCA) for Open-Source Software
There are several reasons that you should opt for using software composition analysis (SCA) in open-source software....
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AWS Is Becoming a Better Open-Source Player
AWS is beginning to earn a reputation for being a better open-source player as the company looks to address its customers’ needs....
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Linux Distro Reviews: Intro
This series of articles will review some of the most popular Linux distributions (distros) with an eye to everyday desktop use....
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Linux Foundation: Open Source Hiring a Top Priority
The Linux Foundation has released its 9th annual Open Source Jobs Report, and the outlook is positive for the open source job market....
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Canonical and Blender Partner to Provide Support Options
Blender has partnered with Canonical to provide enterprise-grade support to Blender users....
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Google Open Sources Lyra Audio Codec
Google has announced it is open sourcing its Lyra audio codec, a codec that uses machine learning to compress the audio and preserve quality....
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Microsoft Building Team of Rust Developers
Microsoft is building a team of Rust developers, both for internal work and collaboration with the community....
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Microsoft All-In On Open Source: ‘The Accepted Model For Cross-Company Collaboration’
Microsoft has fully embraced open source software, calling it the “industry-accepted model for cross-company collaboration.”...
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Google Asking For Help With Its Fuchsia OS
Google is opening the door to greater collaboration with the open source community on its latest operating system (OS) endeavorer, Fuchsia....
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Google Reneges On Promise, Angers Open Source Community
Google has found itself in hot water with the open source community by reneging on a promise it made regarding Istio....
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Microsoft Responsible For Latest Google Chrome Feature
Once bitter rivals in the browser wars, Microsoft and Google are now cooperating like never before, with a major Chrome feature originating with Micro...
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IBM CEO: We Will Be Number One in Hybrid Cloud
“All of us know the big job is how to manage it, access controls, security, know what data is where, and how much data you want flowing,” says IBM...
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Microsoft is Reportedly on the Verge of Acquiring Github
Microsoft is reportedly in acquisition talks with GitHub, according to sources privy to the matter. Based on the Bloomberg report, the deal to purchas...
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Yahoo Reveals Its Search Secrets, Vespa Tool is Now Available as Open Source
Yahoo is now giving away the crucial technology powering its internal searches. Vespa, the search engine used by the tech company for internal queries...
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Microsoft Announces Open Sourced SONiC for Running Network Devices
This week at the Open Compute Project (OCP) Summit in San Jose, Microsoft announced an open sourced “Software for Open Networking in the Cloud (...
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Facebook Launches Parse Server Dashboard
As you know, Facebook announced in January that it’s shutting down Parse, its cloud-based platform for cross-platform apps, which lets developer...
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