Linux Distro Reviews: Intro

This series of articles will review some of the most popular Linux distributions (distros) with an eye to everyday desktop use.

Linux Foundation: Open Source Hiring a Top Priority

The Linux Foundation has released its 9th annual Open Source Jobs Report, and the outlook is positive for the open source job market.

Canonical and Blender Partner to Provide Support Options

Blender has partnered with Canonical to provide enterprise-grade support to Blender users.

Google Open Sources Lyra Audio Codec

Google has announced it is open sourcing its Lyra audio codec, a codec that uses machine learning to compress the audio and preserve quality.

Microsoft Building Team of Rust Developers

Microsoft is building a team of Rust developers, both for internal work and collaboration with the community.

Microsoft All-In On Open Source: ‘The Accepted Model For Cross-Company Collaboration’

Microsoft has fully embraced open source software, calling it the “industry-accepted model for cross-company collaboration.”

Google Asking For Help With Its Fuchsia OS

Google is opening the door to greater collaboration with the open source community on its latest operating system (OS) endeavorer, Fuchsia.

Google Reneges On Promise, Angers Open Source Community

Google has found itself in hot water with the open source community by reneging on a promise it made regarding Istio.

Microsoft Responsible For Latest Google Chrome Feature

Once bitter rivals in the browser wars, Microsoft and Google are now cooperating like never before, with a major Chrome feature originating with Microsoft, according to The Verge. Microsoft recently moved its Edge browser over to Chromium, the open-source rendering…

IBM CEO: We Will Be Number One in Hybrid Cloud

“All of us know the big job is how to manage it, access controls, security, know what data is where, and how much data you want flowing,” says IBM CEO Ginni Rometty. “We will be number one in what the world calls hybrid cloud.”

Microsoft is Reportedly on the Verge of Acquiring Github

Microsoft is reportedly in acquisition talks with GitHub, according to sources privy to the matter. Based on the Bloomberg report, the deal to purchase one of the biggest code repository companies will be announced as early as Monday. Founded in…

Yahoo Reveals Its Search Secrets, Vespa Tool is Now Available as Open Source

Yahoo is now giving away the crucial technology powering its internal searches. Vespa, the search engine used by the tech company for internal queries, is now open-source and available to everyone. Oath Inc., the Verizon company that acquired Yahoo in…

Microsoft Announces Open Sourced SONiC for Running Network Devices

This week at the Open Compute Project (OCP) Summit in San Jose, Microsoft announced an open sourced “Software for Open Networking in the Cloud (SONiC)” for running network devices like switches. Mellanox, Dell, Arista, and Broadcom collaborated the company on…

Facebook Launches Parse Server Dashboard

As you know, Facebook announced in January that it’s shutting down Parse, its cloud-based platform for cross-platform apps, which lets developers create rich social apps integrated with Facebook across platforms like iOS, Android, HTML5, etc. Parse is to be fully…

LinkedIn Open Sources Data Discovery Portal WhereHows

LinkedIn announced that it is open sourcing its WhereHows data discovery and lineage portal. WhereHows is made up of a data repository to store metadata content, a web server that surfaces the data through a UI and an API, and…

Apple Open Sources Swift Programming Language

Apple announced programming language Swift last year as a replacement for Objective C as the language for iOS, OS X, watchOS, and tvOS apps. The company announced this week that it is releasing it as open source. Apple says the…

Google And Twitter Reportedly Working On Open Source Answer To Facebook Instant Articles

Back in May, Facebook announced Instant Articles, which sees the social network host content from participating publishers in order to show users that content more quickly on mobile devices, saving them from having to wait for content to load. The…

Google Open Sources Cloud Dataflow SDK For Java

Google announced the open sourcing of its Cloud Dataflow SDK for Java in a move it says will make it easier for developers to integrate its managed service while forming the basis for porting Cloud Dataflow to other languages and…

Microsoft Open Sources, Expands .NET To Linux, Mac

Microsoft announced that it is open sourcing the full server-side .NET stack, and expanding .NET to run on Linux and Mac OS. The company also released Visual Studio Community 2013, which is a free edition of Visual Studio that provides…

Twitter Acquires Mitro Labs, As EFF Helps Turn Mitro Into Open Source Project

Twitter is apparently on something of an acquisition spree. This week, we already learned that Twitter acquired Madbits, which specializes in deep/machine learning. Earlier this week, it announced the acquisition of CardSpring. On its earnings call this week, Twitter also…