The Linux Foundation Finds A Friend In Twitter

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The Linux Foundation is one of the best non-profits you can support. You may use Windows or OS X for your computer, but they wouldn't be half as good as they are if it weren't for Linux. In short - Linux is in everything. The continued success of the Foundation rests upon more major players in the tech community joining.

TechCrunch reports that Twitter has joined the Linux Foundation. The company is known for being very friendly to the open source community while open sourcing their own software. It's a natural fit for Twitter to join the foundation and help them spread the good news of Linux across the land.

“Linux and its ability to be heavily tweaked is fundamental to our technology infrastructure,” said Chris Aniszczyk, Manager of Open Source, Twitter. “By joining The Linux Foundation we can support an organization that is important to us and collaborate with a community that is advancing Linux as fast as we are improving Twitter.”

Twitter is supported by thousands of Linux servers. Joining the foundation gives them a leg up on the latest developments in the Linux community while simultaneously offering their expertise to other members of the community. It's a win-win for everybody.

The formal announcement of Twitter joining the Linux Foundation will be made next week during LinuxCon. Intank and Servergy will be joining Twitter as newly minted members within the Foundation.

To top it all off, Aniszczyk will be at LinuxCon presenting a talk titled, "The Open Source Technology Behind A Tweet." It sounds like Twitter and the Linux Foundation are already getting off to a great start. With the help of others within the Linux Foundation, Twitter may even be able to improve upon the already great open source Boostrap project.

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