Check Out These Photos Of Near-Space Taken By A Raspberry Pi

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The Raspberry Pi is one of the coolest computing innovations of the last few years. It's a simple ARM-powered Linux computer that only costs $25, yet can already do so much. The initial goal was to use the Pi as a way for kids to inexpensively learn programming, but enthusiasts have been doing some really impressive things with the hardware.

Case in point: UK resident and all-around awesome guy Dave Akerman strapped a Raspberry Pi to a weather balloon and sent it into space to take pictures. It only got to near-space at 40km before the balloon burst. Amazingly enough, the Raspberry Pi was just fine and they were able to recover it intact.

Here's some of the amazing shots that the Pi was able to snap:

Raspberry Pi Travels To Space And Back

Raspberry Pi Travels To Space And Back

The whole process of sending the Raspberry Pi into near-space is quite fascinating. This is obviously a labor of love on Akerman's part and the solutions that he thought up to various problems are nothing short of ingenious. Check out his blog for all the details on the first expedition of the Raspberry Pi into space. He also uploaded all the pictures that the Raspberry Pi took on its ascent and descent.

Here's a video of the launch:

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