Twitter Celebrates One Year Of Bootstrap With An Update

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Twitter is one of the friendliest companies in regards to the open source movement. They have open sourced much of the software they use to run Twitter on a day-to-day basis with one of the biggest releases being Bootstrap. It's now one-year-old and Twitter wants to celebrate.

It was announced on Monday that Twitter Bootstrap has been updated to version 2.1. The release comes as Bootstrap has proven itself to be very popular in its first year of existence. The new version aims to make it even more popular through ease of use and expanded functionality.

First things first, the team at Twitter wants to thank the community for making Bootstrap the most popular project on GitHub. It reached that status after only a few months after launch. Since then, the team has been adding new features and bug fixes to code.

The popularity of Bootstrap can not be understated. Twitter points out that many large organizations like NASA and the White House use Bootstrap to create new products and services. Startups like SoundReady and Jetstrap also used Bootstrap to make a stellar first impression.

All this has led to Bootstrap 2.1. With the latest release, the team focused on simplicity. To that end, the documentation has been overhauled for those just getting into Bootstrap or Web development. They also created more live examples for those who learn better by seeing instead of reading. For those already using it, the team has patched up over 100 issues while adding new features.

For a full list of new features, check out the Bootstrap blog. You can grab Bootstrap 2.1 here.

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